My Baby Brother…the Missionary

When I was nine years old, my mom had another baby. I was really into dolls at the time (still am) and Justin instantly became my real live baby doll.

However, Justin soon turned into a cute toddler, and then an annoying kid who had a habit of getting into my stuff, and then a teenager who caused my parents almost as much trouble as I did while growing up. Ha ha.

Then, Justin became an adult and joined a nice church and did what none of us (who knew him during his teen years) could have ever predicted. He not only got married (gasp), but he also became a part-time missionary. (He’s a real estate agent and a professional photographer in his spare time.) We’re all very proud of him but his worldly travels make my mom sick with worry.

Anyway, Justin sent us all into a panic this week when he phoned and emailed my mom to let us all know that he and his beautiful wife are currently stuck in another country. I can’t tell you where he is because they really don’t appreciate missionaries over there. They were scheduled to return home but missed their flight. And, the airline (not a U.S. airline) has no sympathy for their situation and wants them to pay for new tickets that would cost $2K each if they want to fly back immediately. So, they can’t come home until the money is collected (we’re all pooling our resources) and Justin, of course, can’t get to his real estate job and his wife can’t get back to work, either. But, at least they have a place to stay over there.

So, that’s what we’re dealing with this week! I’ll post an update to the site when we have one.

This week’s Maxism:

The other day, while Max was looking out the window during that big weekend windstorm we had, he turned around and asked, “Do clouds taste good?”

Hugs to all!

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