Max’s Imaginary Friends

Warning: Don’t read today’s column if runny noses gross you out.

It only took me one day to get caught up on the mail I’d set aside while we were lounging in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire. That means one of two things…things were slow for a few days…or I was online more than I should have been. I suspect the latter is the case. Richard and I got our work done very quickly each day using the wi-fi connection at The Met Coffee House in North Conway Village. If you go there, try the Madagascar, their special vanilla latte concoction. It was heavenly!

That part of the country is absolutely breathtaking this time of year! Frank particularly likes the blue ice that’s created from mountain streams that trickle down over the roadside cliffs. Ali really enjoyed all the shops. I convinced both Frank and Ali to try my seaweed salad at one sushi restaurant. That didn’t go over too well. Max’s two favorite things were a sleigh ride through the snowy fields and his very first snow tubing ride!

Max is at the age where he’s starting to understand cause and effect. How do we know? While on our trip, Max blurted out, “When I cry, my nose makes boogers.”

Max has acquired two new imaginary friends. His first imaginary friend wasn’t really imaginary. It was his best friend, Sammy. When Sammy wasn’t here and Max wanted to play, he’s just start talking to Sammy (and Sammy would talk back, of course, but in a high-pitched voice coming from Max’s mouth). Pretty soon, we had to start making room for Sammy in the van when we ran errands and in the bathtub and at the dinner table, etc. When Max started watching my Mr. Bean DVDs (which he loves, by the way), he started pretending that Mr. Bean was playing with him on occasion.

One of Max’s new friends this week is actually someone not based on a friend. It’s a baby that Max calls…Baby. Max takes care of Baby, cuddling him/her and not letting the kitties “scratch the Baby.” It appears Baby can walk because Baby moves around quite a bit. Max showed me how Baby walked over to Jingles, the kitten, to pet him.

This afternoon, Max was talking up a storm in his room so I asked him if he had a new friend. He shook his head yes. I asked him what his new friend’s name is. He replied, “Sponge Bob Square Pants.”

Hugs to all!

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