Max is Potty Trained

Well, after only a few weeks of frequent reminders (Need to potty, Max?! Huh? Huh??) and heaps of praise (“Yea! Big boy Max went potty! Let’s do the potty dance! Yippee! Yahoo!!), Max (age 25 months) is potty trained! He never has accidents on the floor and is very proud of himself each time he “makes potty.” So proud, in fact, that when he does “make potty”, he goes through the entire house, clapping his hands, and telling everyone present (family, friends, and even the UPS guy), “I made potty! I made potty!! Do potty dance!! Do potty dance!!” And, of course, we all dance!

I have to say that Max was, by far, the easiest of all the children to potty train. Shwew! And we’re already counting how much money we’re going to save on diapers! The amount will be significant! Max even insists on removing the little potty bowl himself and dumping it into the Big Boy Toilet (yes, he washes his hands). Yesterday, he made a big boy poopie in his potty and, much to Zach’s horror, carried it into Zach’s room to show Zach and his teenage friends his “Big Boy Poopie.”

Do you know what a toilet tattoo is? It’s what Max gets when he sits on his little potty for an hour while watching cartoons. He sure loves his potty!

Hugs to everybody!