Mason’s Mobility

Mason is keeping us all in shape these days! He went from spinning in circles on his belly last month to scooting, crawling, and pulling himself into a standing position by the sofa all in the past two weeks. We’ve had to move into overdrive on baby-proofing everything. Mason seems to have an appetite for everything from dust bunnies to electric cords. Ack!

Twenty years ago, when I had Zach, I could see those little specs on the floor much easier than I can these days. Now, when I bring Mason downstairs in the morning, I have to get down on my hands and knees and look for pieces of anything and everything on the floor, hoping to find them before they end up in Mason’s mouth. The vaccuum does NOT catch everything! I’d forgotten how nerve-wracking it is to have a mobile infant. Before you all email me and point out the obvious, please know that I don’t believe in playpens. I think they inhibit a baby’s ability to explore and learn. I think constant supervision is best. But, that’s just me… The best part about his mobility is that he can crawl to one of us, pull himself into a standing position, and open his arms to be picked up for a hug.

We finally had a big snowstorm over the weekend. Max is happy that he now has a TON of snow to play in. Richard, Zach, Frank and Matt weren’t thrilled with the shoveling. Ha ha. They were chasing snowflakes outside while I was chasing the baby inside.

This week’s Maxism:

Max was sitting on the sofa eating orange Tic Tacs, which we both love. I was teasing him by staring at his Tic Tacs with a longing, hungry expression. He was trying to ignore me but wasn’t successful. He finally gave me one and I gobbled it down and thanked him profusely. A few minutes later, I started the game all over again. He sighed and said, “Mommy, I’ll give you my Tic Tacs when I don’t like them anymore!”


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