How To Avoid Smeared Mascara And Drama At Your Adult Child’s Wedding Reception!

How To Avoid Smeared Mascara And Drama At Your Adult Child’s Wedding Reception!

I received the following email from a reader last week:

Hi Angela,

I loved reading about your lovely weddings. Your family is not only successful, but is gorgeous too. We have a wedding to go to in Santa Cruz, CA this September – our daughter’s! I’m overjoyed with this. Any advice on staying “calm” is much appreciated.

Love your newsletters!


My response:

Congrats on the impending wedding!!!

In a span of seven months, our daughter and our oldest son got married. A year before that, our son, Matt, got married. So, in a period of a year and a half, three of our six children got married.

I bawled through all three of our children’s weddings. I had one of those mini-packets of Kleenex in my purse for each one, and I wore waterproof mascara each time as well. I never wear that stuff because it takes several days for it to get washed off (unless I use weird cream or ointment, which irritates my eyes). So, I specifically purchased waterproof mascara for each wedding.

As for the reception and dealing with all those relatives, I recommend…a very good bottle of wine. And, since Richard’s parents are divorced, we had to make sure they were at different tables. But, we knew if we put one couple at our table with us, the other couple might get offended. If we only put my parents at our table, Richard’s parents might feel left out. (My parents are divorced, too, but my father is no longer able to travel so he could not attend.) There were other couples on the other families’ sides that had to be separated as well but that wasn’t our problem. The brides had to solve those dilemmas. For our table, we solved the issue by putting nieces and nephews (along with our two youngest children) with us instead. So, Richard and I got to spend each reception with adorable, entertaining children. And, their parents got a break from the kids for an evening. Best of all, none of our parents felt left out or offended. It worked out beautifully! Of course, our adult children were all sitting at the wedding party tables.

Our next unmarried child is about to turn 24. He’s entering medical school next year, and is dating a very nice young lady who teacher ceramics to high school students. So, perhaps another wedding is on the horizon? 🙂


We took the boys go-karting one day this week and, on the way back home, we passed a pick-up truck with ridiculously large tires (comically so), and other eye-rolling bling. Thinking the boys couldn’t hear me from the back seat, I muttered, “The owner of that truck has a micro-penis.”

Mason piped up loudly from behind me, and said, “You know that guy?!?!”


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    Oh that Mason! He kills me! Too funny!