Hot, Hot, Cold

On Saturday it was in the 90’s here. Ug! We’ve been in Maine long enough to become de-acclimated to hot weather. So, while cleaning out the garage that day, I was positively melting and had a heat headache for hours afterward. When Sunday rolled around and it hit the 90’s again, Richard and Zach, resigned to their fate after listening to me whine for 24 hours, went into the attic and started the annual, laborious job of dragging down all the horribly heavy window unit air conditioners. It took another hour or so to get them installed (I was outside, dying once again while working in the yard). By the time it was all done, a big cloud came over the horizon. It was a fast-moving cold front and, on Monday morning, we actually had to turn the heater on!

In other news, we’re having our fence moved and our driveway widened. Why? Because, we bought a bigger RV! We put more than 20,000 miles on our Class C motor home last year and realized over the months that we really needed a bigger rig. We’ve been window shopping for one online for months but had our local dealer keeping an eye out locally for just the right one (using our wish list and dollar limit). We’re having a washer/dryer combo installed (that was on my mandatory list) so we won’t be able to pick up our “second home” (those big ones really do cost as much as a house!) until the end of this week. We’re terribly excited and are itching to get out of town as soon as possible.

Today’s issue is early. Tomorrow, Ali, Frank and I will be working on Richard’s Father’s Day present and there’s no way we can do that while he’s here. So, he’ll be playing hooky with a friend of his while the children and I are wearing wearing construction belts. We’ll put photos here once the project is complete! And, Richard is completely stumped. He hasn’t a clue what’s going on. Home Depot is delivering the materials tomorrow (they wouldn’t fit in our van). I’ll be directing the Home Depot delivery guys outside while Ali stays with Richard to ensure he doesn’t peek out one of our windows before everything gets hidden and covered in the garage. Richard is a horrible present-peeker so we have to go to extremes to pull over any holiday surprises on him. Heh…

Hugs to all!

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