Heading To The Big Apple!

We spent a few days last week at the Wisconsin Dells. We rode a duck, ate a LOT of food, played mini-golf, had our portrait taken in a bathtub, and more!

We’ve been faithfully logging our experiences (and photos!) here: https://www.wirelesstrips.com

We’re now somewhere in northern Ohio at a rinky-dink campground surrounded by corn fields. The weather has been terrible for days now. Non-stop rain! So, since we really can’t get out and do anything anyway, the campground will fit our needs…for tonight anyway. Tomorrow morning, we’re driving to Pennsylvania and then meandering our way to Connecticut. We’ll be spending the weekend in New York City and seeing some good friends whose names you just might know! We are sooo excited! I’ll tell you all about our friends and our New York City visit next week.

This week’s Maxism:

We were driving down the highway, and could see a large industrial plant looming in the distance. Large plumes of pollution were being pumped into the sky. Max got very excited when he saw it, and said, “Look, Mom! It’s a cloud maker!!”

Hugs to all!


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