Good Health Should Never Be Taken For Granted…

After my weekend of hell, waiting for my body to wage internal war in my gut while withdrawing from five weeks of antibiotics, I’m feeling much better. Still have some residual effects but I’m no longer homebound. Yea!!

This week, we’re taking a short trip to Lewiston to meet with author Mark LaFlamme and his wonderful and fun wife, Corey. Richard and Mark will be discussing marketing ideas for Mark’s new novel. We’ll also be spending the weekend at our land in Western Maine.

Next week, we’ll be meeting with’s best-selling author, Bill Henderson (Cancer-Free — Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing ). He and his wife are coming to Maine and we’re very excited about that!

It’s been raining here every day and, while my pumpkin plants seem to be doing great, so are the weeds! I felt so blessed last weekend that I felt well enough to sit outside and pull a few weeds, while inspecting Ali’s huge apples, our blackberries and raspberries, and even one bunch of grapes! Our grapevines are prolific and beautiful…but they only give us one tiny bunch of grapes each year. That’s okay. Just watching the vines stretch to impossible lengths each year is a real treat.

Hugs to all!


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