When Your Floating Home…is NOT Floating!

When Your Floating Home…is NOT Floating!

As most of you know, we live and work on a 52-foot sailboat.

“No Tan Lines” is our office and our home. We live there but we also run BookLocker.com and WritersWeekly.com from her salon. Our employees all work out of their homes, too, because it’s very important to us that they are able to be with their children as much as possible.

During the past two years, since we sold our house, we’ve been spending way too much money on storage for our business equipment and files. A few weeks ago, we decided to rent a “satellite office” for all of those, as well as to have a quiet place where we can work when the boat is noisy, for employee meetings, and for training since we really don’t have a table suitable for more than one person on the boat.

During Hurricane Irma, we spent $4500 staying at the Hilton. It wasn’t just us staying there. We had some of our adult kiddos and our new grandson there, too. Assuming we’ll have more hurricanes in the future, and that we’ll need a haul-out every year or so, we realized we could bunk at the “satellite office” if we need to, and furnished it accordingly. And, we wanted it to NOT be on the first floor for obvious reasons.

We wound up needing the apartment sooner than we expected. Three weeks ago, we had to get the boat hauled out for repairs to the bearings on the main drive shaft.

So, only two months after we got the apartment all set up, here we are!

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I think Mason has been watching too much YouTube.

Out of the blue last night, he asked, “Hey, mom, what’s the worst kind of mother?”

He is currently “grounded” from his cell phone after getting caught with it after bedtime so I figured I knew where this conversation was going. But, I was wrong.

I asked, “I don’t know Mason. What is the worst kind of mother?”

He said, “A pageant mother.”



Angela Hoy lives on a mountain in North Georgia. She is the publisher of WritersWeekly.com, the President and CEO of BookLocker.com and AbuzzPress, and the author of 24 books.

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