False Signs Of Labor

I’ve been monitoring my body for the past two weeks, and even taking notes, and have come to the conclusion that I’ve been misinterpreting my body’s actions and nothing, and I mean nothing, I’ve experienced means that labor is imminent. It’s obvious I’ve had my hopes up for nothing! In fact, if I hadn’t had so many sonograms and saw the baby with my own two eyes, I’d swear I’ve just gone through early menopause and have gained 55 lbs. from Richard’s yummy cooking!

I had another bout with false labor on Saturday morning. I went to bed Friday night with an aching backside. It felt like I’d sat on a hard bench all day. But, in reality, I’d sat on our bed all day with my laptop propped in front of me. I woke up Saturday morning with a huge, very painful contraction that lasted for 3 minutes. I got worried about the baby and got up to walk it off. It did stop quickly. From 2:30 a.m. to around 4:00 a.m., they kept coming, but not with any regularity. Unfortunately, they then proceeded to peter out. Bummer. With the full moon, a huge low pressure system hitting us that day, and the large tub of raw pineapple I’d eaten friday night, I thought for SURE that was it! But, it was not.

While the contractions were strong and, at times, extremely painful, I’ve had worse experiences after visiting the local Mexican restaurant.

This week’s Maxisms:

Since the crib is assembled and a large pile of baby blue clothes is clean and folded on the drier, Max (age 4) is getting quite anxious about Mason’s arrival. Yesterday, he asked, “How many days until Mason comes out to play?”

I said, “Only a few, Honey.”

He came over to me, held his fingers up in the air, and said, “Can you show me how many is a few?”


“When Mason comes out, I’m going to teach him how to lick a strawberry.”

Hugs to everybody!


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