Driving Us To The Poor House

The weekend was absolutely gorgeous here and we spent several hours lounging in the sun while watching the river lazily slip by. Well, the children and I lounged. Richard did some work on the RV and bought supplies to fix the fence where it shifted during the winter due to frost heave. Our dog, Percy, slipped through one of the fence cracks on Saturday and was almost eaten by the neighbor’s dog. Luckily, he realized he was going to lose that battle pretty fast and slipped back into the fence before he became Big Dog Chow.

Tonight, I’m going with Zach to pick up his new car. Okay, it’s used…but it’s new to him. (We don’t buy brand new cars.) We loaned him the money, but he signed a loan with us and is going to be paying for it himself. He’s very excited. He’s been driving one of our cars for the past couple of years and I guess it was never quite cool enough for him.

Ali got her permit a few weeks ago and she’s gaining more confidence on the road as the days go by. Frank will be taking driver’s education in about 18 months. I think we’re going to need a bigger driveway soon!

I have some Maxism’s for you this week. These lovelies came from Max (age 4) last Sunday.

After getting a pen from my desk in the office – “Can I write on my tongue?”

While channel surfing with the remote control – “When I’m older, can I say bad words?”

We have no idea where this one came from – “Can I touch a fart?”

Hugs to everybody!


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