Cows And Sheep And Goats And…

We joined the local homeschooling 4H club last week and were pleasantly surprised to learn that not everybody in 4H is required to grow and auction off livestock! All humor aside, 4H is a great group and we made lots of new friends. The children loved it and can’t wait to get started on some projects to enter in the state fair this summer.

We’re finally getting consistent snowstorms after a pretty dry winter. The sleds are getting some use and we have shovels on every porch. Percy, the dog, is getting a bit picky. He’ll no longer go outside to potty in the morning until you’ve shoveled the steps and a little “potty path” for him. That means one of us has to get out of bed each snowy morning and quickly outfit ourselves in heavy winter gear just to avoid a wet spot on the floor. Ug.

We’re taking a very short trip in two weeks, which was one of my Christmas presents. I asked for “two nights in a place with a fireplace in the room located in a neat town with lots of neat shops.” Richard found just what I wanted in a little town in New Hampshire and made reservations for three nights! Yea! He’s the best hubby in the world…

Hugs to all!

P.S. Want to read real query letters that landed these contracts? Woman’s Day – $2,800; Redbook – $3,500; Ladies Home Journal – $3,000; – $2,000; Lifetime Magazine – $3,000; Life Extension Magazine – $6,480; Natural Remedies – $11,300; and many more! See: