Body Slammed by a 14-Month-Old!

Body Slammed by a 14-Month-Old!

My vessel was filled with unconditional love last weekend!! It was our grandson’s third birthday and we had a full day of festivities planned!. In addition to the pizza, cake, and presents, we had hours of play-time and we had A BLAST!!

Late in the day, I was sitting on the floor of Jack’s room and he was bringing all of his toys out to show me. The room was spotless when we entered. Not so much when we left!! At one point, Jack walked up to me, got eye-level with my face, put his eyes right in front of mine, and said, “Happy?”

I almost cried. After the incredibly hectic month I’d had, it was like God was speaking through him, and telling me I was exactly where I needed be. And, yes, I couldn’t have been happier! I said, “Yes!!”

And, then Jack moved closer, and said, “Kiss?” He puckered up his mouth and I almost melted!!! Conscious of the virus, I gave him a cheek kiss and he wasn’t having any of that. Faster than lightning, he grabbed my head with his chubby little hands and planted a big one on me. He is THE sweetest boy on Earth!!

Jack is Three!!!

Jack showing his mommy the fake poop I gave him for his birthday. Ha ha ha. 

Last week, I told you that I’d gotten him the loudest toy on Earth. What was it? I REAL MEGAPHONE – with a BUILT IN SIREN!!! I don’t have any pictures of him with it. What was I thinking??? He AND the adults had a great time with it…except his parents. They kept giving me dirty looks the rest of the afternoon. Heh… 😉

All day long, 14-month-old Mackenzie, who NEVER stops moving, would run up to me, body slam my legs, wrap her arms around them, and start climbing up me. I’d reach down and pick her up and she would then cling tightly to me, giving me a huge bear hug.

And, look! She already loves books!!


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2 Responses to "Body Slammed by a 14-Month-Old!"

  1. Cheryl Tuskes  September 10, 2020 at 3:56 pm

    So cute!

  2. Pamela Allegretto  September 4, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    Two absolutely adorable grand kids. What a joy.