Blotch’s Diagnosis

We did finally get a diagnosis on Blotch’s condition. The news was not good, but we are coping. The story is here:

I have set a near-impossible personal goal to have all my Christmas shopping and gift wrapping finished before December 9th, which is when Richard’s grandmother is arriving for a one-month visit. She has diabetes, is almost blind and sometimes forgets things that happened yesterday, but she was a nurse in WWII, serving on a ship (and suffering from constant seasickness!), and the kids love hearing her war stories! In fact, she met her husband that way. But that’s a romance story for another day…

It’s always fun to have guests for the holidays and I’m looking forward to tricking her into sharing some of her secret recipes with me. Heh…

Hugs to all!

P.S. Want to read real query letters that landed these contracts? Woman’s Day – $2,800; Redbook – $3,500; Ladies Home Journal – $3,000; – $2,000; Lifetime Magazine – $3,000; Life Extension magazine – $6,480; Natural Remedies $11,300; and many more! See: