COMMENTS ON: If This Article Offends You, You’re Not a Professional Writer

COMMENTS ON: If This Article Offends You, You’re Not a Professional Writer

Angela’s article last week generated more comments than any other in the past year!

If This Article Offends You, You’re Not a Professional Writer


I’m not a bit offended by this article. In fact, it was the first thing that made me laugh today. I tried to edit an anthology once and nearly lost my mind dealing with inappropriate or just plain horrible submissions. Never again. Have a good day!

– Debra Stang, author

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Bravo Angela! I can understand your frustration and your rant covers most of sins committed by freelance writer wannabees. I think that social media, texting and smartphones are responsible for poor spelling and grammar in general. People have gotten lazy about their writing skills and figure that most can comprehend their messages even with errors.

– Mayre Press


Yes, yes, yes! I advertise for an editor to work for me at my company, and I get a thousand emails from people who can’t spell, and don’t know how to follow the CMOS. The random submission letters are worse. One lady, under the impression I can make her movie, has sent me an email a day with her awful script attached. She continually calls me Susan. When I blocked her email, she used a new one. She thinks I am missing her email somehow and once I do see it, I will reply. The follow-ups are embarrassing. “Did you manage to look at my submission yet?” No, I am unable, despite two decades as a business owner. Thanks for checking if I could “manage.” That’s not the reason I didn’t reply, buster. I used to reply to say no thanks. One lady replied to my rejection: “Hello Dear. But Why?” After that, I gave up.

– Cate


Bravo! You said it so well. I am inundated with queries from people who have not mastered the English language. I found out the hard way that a few are native to the U.S. I think you have finally given me permission to stop wasting my time. Why won’t they read directions? Geez!

– Allene


Angela, I can identify with your frustration. Your ìrantî vibrates with the clarion bell of truth. A decade ago, I quit trying to get people to improve their writing. First, they take it personally and go into a pouting stage. Second, they couldn’t care less. It’s like beating the proverbial dead horse. If they haven’t respected commas and periods by age nine (and the difference between your and you’re), trying to help them is a lost cause. Keep up the fight!

– David Clarkson, author

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Angela, Wow! Finally someone willing to take a stand and say how they really feel about an issue. I applaud you 100%!

– Carol Roe


You’re right. Anyone who gets upset by this article has no business submitting articles. Everything you list is just common sense.

– Margaret Garside


Hurray for telling it like it is. It will only get worse ñ the education system is a great contributor to the problem.

Ethel Geary


Great idea to forward along this message rather than to waste your time with people who refuse to follow guidelines. Now, what you will do with all those saved hours? Something fun I hope!!!

-Pamela Allegretto, author
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The density, arrogance, and sense of entitlement displayed by so many ignorant people never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for the rant, Angela. Well said.

– Chris Norbury


Dear Ma’am, You tell em! Only kidding, Angela. Well said and written. I wish newspaper publishers lived by these common sense rules. It pains me to read a paper these days.

Bill Hard


BOOM!!! Shaka-La. Nuff Said.

Terry Simpson Jr


I’ve never understood the problem with honesty in the face of total incompetence. For instance, the subjects of the gold standard, flat taxes, and waste in government are NEVER argued by serious economists. Except, perhaps, to tell people who want to discuss these subjects to go back and take Acctg 101 and Econ 101. Those subjects are only argued about by people who don’t know up from down.

The same goes for people who have no grasp of grammar or expression. I’m 66 yrs old now and these days, if someone tells me they are going to jump off a cliff, I just say, ìSuit yourself. See you later.î Life is WAY too short.

If I must write a letter of explanation, I send an invoice for consulting services along with it.

– Seamus O’Brog, author

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  1. Jeffrey G. Roberts  February 5, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    Offend me?! Hardly. Even some college students can be illiterate morons. Sad.