How to Write Funny Fast! By R.A.Murphy

Writers and Speakers often need to come up with humor quickly to meet a deadline or take advantage of topical material. Here’s how to do a fast funny…

To write jokes fast, focus on the essentials. A formula helps.

My formula for a joke is: Upset the Setup

What you’re shooting for is a surprising way of saying or doing something. We’ll laugh at almost anything if it strikes us as incongruous – outside our normal expectation.

To create humor, set up a norm, then turn it upside down. Show your readers a pyramid of bright red apples arranged so carefully atop one another in the cart. Then, when it’s least expected, don’t just overturn the cart. Instead, make the apples slowly loosen and, one at a time at random intervals, bounce down the pyramid, off the cart, down the street, out of sight.

To create humor, create an expectation and then meet it in an unexpected way. Here’s a two-step process to help you do it fast.

Step 1. Find Your Setup. The apple cart is your setup. When you’re looking for quick results, it’s best to start with a prefabricated setup. Use a clich