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1333 Alget St SE
Grand Rapids MI 49507

Phone: (616)241-5616 x3035

Editor: Kelli Gilmore, Managing Editor
Email address:

About The Publication:

“Sparkle is an exciting magazine designed especially for girls in the first through third grades. Sparkle is published by GEMS Girls’ Clubs (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior), an international ministry that starts Bible-based club programs in churches and Christian organizations. The mission of GEMS is to help bring girlseverywhere into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.” 25% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 9K. Monthly (October through March. Pays on publication. Buys first NA rights. Accepts some reprints. Responds 6-8 weeks. Sample copy available for $1 via SASE. Subscription $10.70, $18.70 foreign.

Current Needs:

“We are looking for stories, articles, quizzes, poems, games, puzzles, and crafts that are fresh, present the Christian life realistically, and cause young readers to see how God’s Word – His Truth – applies to their daily lives. Submissions to Sparkle are selected based on the following criteria: The manuscript must fit with the SparkleMission. The application of Scripture to everyday life. The ability to engage culture – meaning it must be relevant today while still maintaining and upholding the truth of Scripture. The ability to delight the reader. The ability to cause the reader to evaluate her own life in light of the Truth presented. The ability to teach a practical life skill. Each season, Sparkle dedicates its pages to the exploration of an Annual Theme. The next theme is Bring The Message (See website for more details.) Compensation for all pieces that are published in Sparkle is made upon publication.

Fiction and nonfiction writers receive 3-5¢ per word up to $35.00 depending on length, quality, and rights. (See the next page for list of rights.) Poetry receives $5.00 to $15.00 depending on length, quality, and rights. Games and puzzles are paid from $5.00 to $15.00. All published writers receive two copies of the issue in which their piece is published. Submit complete manuscripts with the following requirements: On the first page put your name, address, and phone number, word count, the issue and topic you are submitting, as well as the rights offered. Indicate fiction or nonfiction. Include desired byline. Give sources for all statistical information or quoted material. To honor God by being responsible stewards of His creation, we are no longer accepting snail mail submissions. Thank you for helping us reduce unnecessary paper waste. Together we can make a difference Please place manuscript within body of email. Do not send attachments.”



Welcomes New Writers: Yes