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September 02, 2009

Paying Markets And Jobs For September 2nd | printable version


These are NOT recycled guidelines. only features original market listings, received from and approved by the editors at each publication.

Hadassah Magazine, 50 West 58 Street, New York, NY 10019. Email: Website: Libby Barnea, Associate Editor. "Membership magazine of Hadassah, the women's Zionist organization of America. Largest circulation of any Jewish publication in North America. Deals with topics of interest to American Jewish Zionists." 100% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 250K. Bimonthly. Pays upon acceptance. Period between acceptance and publication varies. Buys First-time rights. Rarely accepts reprints. Responds 2-3 months. For a sample copy send a SASE. Subscription $36. Guidelines by email.
CURRENT NEEDS: "Feature stories on subjects related to the American Jewish experience, Zionism, Israel." Pays $150-$800 for 150-2000 words, depending on length of piece and department. Send query or complete manuscript by email (preferred) or by mail with SASE. Queries not accepted by phone.
PHOTOS/ART: High-res, digital photos preferred. Pays $80-$100/image.
HINTS: "We have a 2-3 month lead time. Do not wait until holiday seasons to send us holiday-related queries or manuscripts. We receive myriad holocaust stories and immigration sagas; to stand out, we would be looking for fresh perspective and new voices, or particularly unusual stories."

HomeWorker Magazine, 8 Churchill Drive, Ketley Bank, Telford, Shropshire, TF2 0BT, UK. Email: Website: Dave Howell, Editor. "HomeWorker magazine is designed to help everyone that works from home make the most of their time, environment and skills. HomeWorker magazine grew out of a realisation that there was no journal that specifically supported the millions of people that now work from home. Occasional features appear in newspapers and specialist magazines, but this information is often missed or overlooked by the very people that could make the most of it. What was once an 'alternative' lifestyle with all the connotations that this label brought with it, is now transforming into a lifestyle choice that millions of people are now making." 100% freelance. Quarterly. Pays 30 days after publication. Publishes ms 4 weeks. Buys Worldwide rights. Accepts reprints. Responds same day. Subscription £4.99 per issue ($10 approx). "No guidelines yet" but writers can contact the editor for his current needs.
CURRENT NEEDS: "Features/Reviews/News." Pays £150 per 1,500 words. "Email Word or Pages document."
PHOTOS/ART: "All features/news/reviews MUST have images."
HINTS: "Think about the readership and pitch ideas that support what they would like to read."

Inside Wisconsin Sports, 2901 International Lane, Suite 100, Madison, WI 53704. F(608)241-8666. Email: Website: Mike Beacom, Editor. 75% freelance. "The only magazine in the State to cover all Wisconsin sports at all levels." Welcomes new writers. Circ. 20K. Monthly. Pays on publication. Period between acceptance and publication varies. Buys all rights. No reprints. Respond time 2 months. Samples available on newsstands in Wisconsin; sample articles appear on their website. Subscription $14.97. Guidelines by email.
CURRENT NEEDS: "Writers able to take editorial direction, meet deadlines and deliver clean copy." Pays $250 per feature. Articles run around 1,200 words. Submit query, cover letter and bio by email.
PHOTOS/ART: Seeking freelance submissions.

LIVE, a weekly journal of practical Christian living, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802. Email: Website: Richard Bennett, LIVE editor. "LIVE is a take-home story paper distributed weekly in adult Sunday School classes. It is freelance and has a circulation of about 40,000. The audience is Christian adults. We seek to encourage Christians in living for God through stories that apply biblical principles to everyday problems. Solutions to life's problems can be found in the Scriptures. LIVE publishes true stories, based on true stories, nonfiction, 'how-to' articles, and fiction (please indicate the category). Poems, first-person anecdotes, and short humor are used as fillers. LIVE presents realistic characters who utilize biblical principles to resolve their problems." 100% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 40K. Quarterly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 12-18 months after acceptance. Buys one time rights. Accepts reprints. Responds within 6 weeks. For a sample copy send a SASE #10 envelope to the above address with a letter requesting a sample copy. Subscription $14.40. Guidelines online at:
CURRENT NEEDS: "Looking for stories about Spirit-filled living. Also short stories (400-600 words) on topics relating to practical Christian living." Pays $0.10/word for first rights; $0.07/word for reprint rights. "We use two stories per issue. Cover stories tend to be 800-1100 words long. Inside stories are usually 400-600 words long. Prefer manuscripts rather than queries. Preferred method of submission is attachment to an e-mail. If mailing, a SASE is necessary if the writer wants the manuscript returned. If mailing, don't send your only copy."
PHOTOS/ART: "We do use photos provided by writers when possible." Pays $35/photo used.
HINTS: "We occasionally get submissions without personal information, which is needed to make payments to the writers. Writers often forget to identify what type of story they are submitting. It is helpful when evaluating a story to know if it is a true story, based on true events, or fiction. Advice: We do not accept Bible fiction or sci-fi. The stories should be encouraging, challenging, and/or humorous. Even problem-centered stories should be upbeat. Stories should not be preachy, critical, or moralizing. They should not present pat, trite, or simplistic answers to problems. Plot: Stories should consist of action, not just thought-life; interaction, not just insight. Heroes and heroines should rise above failures, take risks for God, prove that scriptural principles meet their needs. Conflict and suspense should increase to a climax! Avoid pious conclusions or tying up all loose ends. Think of the story as a snapshot of someone's life. Characters: Characters should be interesting, believable, and realistic. Avoid stereotypes. Characters should be active, not just pawns to move the plot along. They should onfront conflict and change in believable ways. Describe the characters' looks and reveal their personalities through their actions to such an extent that the reader feels he or she has met these people. Readers should care about the character enough to finish the story. Feature racial, ethnic, and regional characters in rural and urban settings. Style: Use precise, active, vivid verbs. Avoid overworked adjectives, phrases, and clichÈs. Keep a consistent perspective (voice) on both time (past or present) and point of view (first person, second person, etc.). Avoid flashbacks. We often are in need of shorter stories, which can harder to write and don't pay as much, but they can be a good way of getting your foot in the door. Less competition. Realize that volume results in most rejections. In our case, we use eight stories and one poem per month. We average about 120 submissions per month. I often read stories that have the potential to be good stories, but they tend to be more of an account of events rather than a story. Do more than tell me what happened, make me care what happened. Make me cry, laugh, or think about how I am living my life."

MomSense magazine, 2370 S. Trenton Way, Denver, CO 80231. P(303)733-5353. F(303)733-5770. Email: Website: Mary Darr, Editor. "MomSense is a bimonthly magazine published by MOPS International and Christianity Today International (CTI). The purpose of MomSense magazine is to connect and encourage mothers of preschoolers from a Christian perspective with articles that inform and inspire on issues relating to being a mother and a woman. MOPS International provides editorial content and design, and CTI is responsible for circulation, production and advertising sales. As a potential MomSense writer, you should study the magazine's tone and style. You'll find articles from the magazine online at Audience and Distribution - * Our audience consists of more than 110,000 mothers of preschoolers (infants through kindergarten). Most of our readers are between 25 and 40, married and attend local MOPS groups, although we welcome and encourage content for mothers outside these demographics. * MomSense seeks to meet the needs of every mom ñ urban and suburban moms, stay-at-home and working moms, teen, single and married moms - moms with different lifestyles who all share a similar desire to be the very best moms that they can be." 40% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 120k. Bi-monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 4 months to 2 years after acceptance. Buys first rights. Accepts reprints. Responds 10-12 weeks. Send SASE for a sample copy. Subscription $23.95. Guidelines online at
CURRENT NEEDS: "We need articles for each issue that focus on the mom as a mom and the mom as a woman that are both theme and non-theme related. We also need intro to the theme articles, "real mom" stories and humor articles. Article Needs for Each Issue - Intro to the theme article: An article written by a mom who explains what the theme looks like in everyday life and is targeted to mothers of preschoolers (650 words). Theme-related article 1 (woman focus): A practical or inspirational piece related to the theme written with a woman focus. We are looking for humorous, inspirational or thought-provoking personal stories or well-researched practical information appealing to a wide variety of women and informing them on subjects relevant to their life. (450 words) Theme-related article 2 (mom focus): A practical or inspirational piece related to the theme written with a mom focus. We are looking for humorous, inspirational or thought-provoking personal stories or well-researched practical information appealing to a wide variety of women and informing them on subjects relevant to their life. (450 words) Non-theme article 1 (woman focus): A practical or inspirational piece not related to the theme and written with a woman focus. We are looking for humorous, inspirational or thought-provoking personal stories or well-researched practical information appealing to a wide variety of women and informing them on topics including marriage, relationships, how-to pieces, nutrition, health, exercise and finances. (450 words) Non-theme article 2 (mom focus): A practical or inspirational piece not related to the theme written with a mom focus. We are looking for humorous, inspirational or thought-provoking personal stories or well-researched practical information appealing to a wide variety of women and informing them on topics including parenting, single moms, how-to pieces and other issues related to raising preschoolers. (450 words) Real-mom article: A personal essay using real-life examples about how a mom overcame something, learned a life lesson or found a unique perspective about a relationship. (300 words) Humor article: Humorous first-person pieces, including funny stories about family life or funny things preschoolers say (450 words or less)." Pays $0.10-0.15/word. Submit query or complete ms via email to "Include full article in email or as Word Document attachment. Articles should be double-spaced and include on the first page the author's name, address, email address, phone number and the word count of the article. Please include brief biographical information, including previous writing experience and credits, if you attend a MOPS group, as well as the ages of your children, if applicable. Please also include complete bibliographical references documenting sources you've quoted (if any)."
HINTS: "Some of the most common mistakes are sending fiction, devotionals or articles for children that are older than Kindergarten. [We have a different e-zine for mothers with school-age kids.] The two categories of articles we need most are practical articles and theme related articles."

Preservation: The Magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1785 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036. P(202)588-6388. F(202)588-6266. Email: Website: James Schwartz, Editor in Chief; Sudip Bose, Senior Editor (features and departments); Arnold Berke, Executive Editor (features and departments); Margaret Foster, Website Editor. Eric Wills, Associate Editor. Assistant Editor position empty. 50% freelance. "The magazine's website offers excerpts from the magazine and original content every day. We look for timely stories about historic neighborhoods or buildings that are undergoing change or conflict. We welcome well-researched queries from new writers. We are a magazine of travel, history, architecture, the environment, planning/land use, and historic preservation. We think of ourselves as a magazine about place. We won the National Magazine Award for general excellence for magazines with circulations of 100K-400K in 1998." Rarely works with new writers. "Most writers we use are experienced journalists or essayists." Circ. 200K. Bimonthly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 2-12 months after acceptance. Buys one-time and some electronic and archival rights. No reprints. Responds 2 weeks to 2 months. Sample $5 at newsstands, or give them a call. Subscription $20. Guidelines are below.
CURRENT NEEDS: "Excellent writing and reporting." Pays up to $1/word for features and major departments; $0.50/word for news features and book reviews. Articles must be 500-2,000 words. Submit query with clips by mail with SASE or by email. "Please include email address for quicker response. Editorial guidelines: The magazine does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, although the editors do review query letters from established writers. Unsolicited photographs must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope; however, the magazine assumes no responsibility for such photographs. Please do not send unsolicited slides."
PHOTOS/ART: Contact Jessie Despard, Photo Editor. Payment negotiable.
See guidelines in preceding paragraph.
HINTS: "Because we cover preservation subjects in every issue, it is paradoxically hard to pitch us a preservation story unless it has some surprising angle. Please do not pitch us a story unless you've made a serious effort to read and understand the sensibility and approach of our magazine."

Freelance Freelance Researcher/Writer/Editor

Freelance Copywriter and Content Provider - Pays $18-$50/hour.
Envoy Media Group

Freelance Grant Writer
charity for disabled children

Freelance Writers
Beverly Hills Law firm and Talent Agency

Freelance ASL Interpreters

Freelance Interactive Spanish Copywriter
blind ad

Freelance English to Brazilian Portuguese Translator - to translate kitchen manual
Piccadilly Pubs

Freelance Web Content Writer - Pays $15/hour
blind ad

Freelance Senior Contracting Specialist
UnitedHealth Group

Freelance English to Dutch Translator - Pays $20-$30/hour
blind ad

Freelance Research Assistant - Pays $15/hour
Public Diplomacy Research Project

Freelance Feature Writers and Photographers - near Parker, Hood and Somervell Counties, Texas

Community Media Group: Parker County Today and Hood & Somervell Today

Freelance Medical/ Science Writer
Philadelphia-based medical research organization

Freelance News Editor
media start-up

Freelance Psychologist / Relationship Expert - to contribute 1-2 articles/month
men's and women's health newsletters

Freelance Writer - to write artist bios
blind ad

Freelance Technical Editor
blind ad

Freelance AP Spanish Test Prep Writers and Editors
Education content development company

Freelance Video Transcriber - Pays $25 per tape hour
blind ad

Freelance Assistant to Publisher
GSG & Assoc.

Freelance Editor
Farlex, Inc.

Freelance Writers - with writing experience in inventions, patents, trademark, copyright, product to market, licensing
blind ad

Freelance Grant Writers
business incubator

Freelance Editor/Publisher To Produce Corporate Law Newsletter
blind ad

Freelance Full-time Therapeutics Editor
OTR Global (OTR)

Freelance Proposal Writer

Freelance Therapeutics Editor
OTR Global (OTR)

Freelance Healthcare Reporter

Freelance Media Relations and Communications Specialist - near Rome, Italy International Fund for Agricultural Development

Freelance Copy Editor


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