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December 31, 2008

Paying Markets And Jobs For December 31st | printable version


These are NOT recycled guidelines. only features original market listings, received from and approved by the editors at each publication.

African American Review, Saint Louis University, Humanities 317, 3800 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108. P(314)977-3688. F(314)977-151. Email: Website: Nathan Grant, Editor; Aileen Keenan, Managing Editor. 100% freelance. "As the official publication of the Division on Black American Literature and Culture of the Modern Language Association, the quarterly journal African American Review promotes a lively exchange among writers and scholars in the arts, humanities, and social sciences who hold diverse perspectives on African American literature and culture." Welcomes new authors. Circulation 2K. Quarterly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms approximately one year after acceptance. Buys First North American rights. Responds within one business day. Sample for email request. Subscription "$40 US individuals; $80 US institutions; $55 International individuals $95 International institutions" Guidelines online at
CURRENT NEEDS: "Poetry criticism". Pays $25-35 for poetry, $25-$40 for fiction; $40-$80 for articles; $25 for book review. Length of articles are between 4000-9000 words, Fiction is between 2500-5000 words. Submit online at
PHOTOS/ART: "Submit in .jpg or .tif." No additional payment for photos.
HINTS: "A common mistake by submitting authors is unfamiliarity with the journal African American Review, its mission, and its scope."

Vestal Review, 2609 Dartmouth Drive, Vestal, NY 13850. Attn: To The Editors. Website: 100% freelance. "A flash fiction magazine." Welcomes new writers. Circ. not provided. Biannual. Pays after publication. Publishes ms 6 months after acceptance. Buys first N.A. serial rights. No reprints. Responds within one business day to queries, if "QUERY" appears in the subject line of your email. Sample $12 in the U.S., $14 outside of the U.S. "Please make checks payable to Mark Budman or send a PayPal payment to" Subscription $20; $26 outside of the U.S. "Please make checks payable to Mark Budman or send a PayPal payment to" Guidelines online at
CURRENT NEEDS: "Flash fiction (stories under 500 words). Stories up to 100 words (excluding the title) pay 10 cents a word. Stories between 101 and 200 words--5 cents a word. Stories between 201 and 500 words--3 cents a word. Stories of great merit receive up to $25 flat fee. Three cents a word is a minimum pay in any case." Stories don't exceed 500 words. Submit query or complete ms by email.

Wisconsin Trails, 10 E. Doty St., Suite 200, Madison, WI 53703. P(608)256-9106. Email: Website: ""> Kristen Scheuing, Editor. 75% freelance. "We're a bimonthly regional magazine about life in Wisconsin. Everything we publish has some connection to Wisconsin." Welcomes new writers. Circ. 40K. Bimonthly. Pays within 30 days of publication. Publishes ms two months to two years after acceptance. Buys First North American Serial Rights. No reprints. Responds 2-16 weeks. Two comp copies given to writer; additional copies can be ordered from publisher or purchased at newsstands. Subscription $24.95. Guidelines online at
CURRENT NEEDS: "Fresh, appealing stories on the uniqueness of living in Wisconsin. Please don't suggest a place or an event; we're looking for specific story angles on Wisconsin travel, people, culture and history. You must be familiar with Wisconsin Trails content and style before querying." Pays $0.25/word for 200-2500 words. Submit by email or by mail with SASE.

Wikinvest. Email: Website: Adam Farren, Managing Editor. "Wikinvest is an investing website that profiles publicly traded companies, trends in the stock market, and any topic that's important to individual investors. Our community includes thousands of contributors, from college students, to veteran day-traders, to widely-read financial bloggers. We're building the world's largest investing research portal. Visit to read more, or to join in revolutionizing the way financial analysis is provided on the web." Welcomes new writers. Pays on acceptance. Period between acceptance and publication varies. Responds 1-2 days. Sample articles online. Guidelines online at
CURRENT NEEDS: "We're looking for articles on the following topics: Concept pages about market trends and forces; Definitions of finance and investing terms; A personal finance project; A guide on How to Invest; Pages about commodities and currencies; Geographies pages about how to invest in particular markets." Pays $100 per article. We'll also pay a $25 bonus for great footnotes, and another $25 bonus for article quality. Articles run 800-1200 words. "To submit email
with a resume and brief statement of interest/relevant experience."

The Writer, 21027 Crossroads Circle, P.O. Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187. P(262)796-8776. F(262)798-6468. Email: Website: Jeff Reich, Editor; Ron Kovach, Senior Editor. 80% freelance. "The magazine of record in the field of writing. Our mission is to inspire, instruct and inform writers at all levels." Welcomes new writers. Circ. 40K. Monthly. Pays on acceptance. Period between acceptance and publication varies. Buys FNASR. Accepts reprints. Generally responds 1-2 months. Sample on newsstands. Subscription
$32.95; $44 outside U.S. Guidelines online at
CURRENT NEEDS: "How-to 'Step by Step' articles and Writer at Work columns on specific aspects of fiction writing by published fiction writers. Articles about the craft and business of freelancing. Articles on the craft and business of writing. Payment varies depending on length and complexity of the material covered. In general, our rates for articles range from $50 for book reviews to $100-$400 for columns and $300-$500 for features for 2-4 pages. We are also looking for writing-related cartoons ($50)." Submit query, including brief description of your writing background. "When querying, don't keep us in suspense - if you propose, e.g., to provide 7 tips on some topic, tell us what all or most of your tips are."

The Writer's Eye Magazine, P(530)305-6449. Email: Website: Amber Lea Starfire, Editor. 95% freelance. "The Writer's Eye Magazine is a bi-monthly online magazine designed to promote artistic integration. It provides a venue for writers who are also visual artists - photographers, painters, sculptors, etc. Each issue highlights work that combines the verbal and visual arts, encouraging and inspiring readers, writers, and artists." Welcomes new writers. 2K hits per month. Bi-monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 2-8 months after acceptance. Buys first electronic and print rights. No reprints. Responds 4-8 weeks. Sample available on-line. Subscription free. Guidelines online at
Current Needs: "We are currently accepting submissions for Nonfiction, Fiction (<3000 words), Poetry and Book Reviews. We receive a lot of poetry submissions; you are more likely to get published if you submit a nonfiction or fiction story. DO NOT SUBMIT
without first reading submission guidelines. We will not respond to submissions that don't follow guidelines. All written submissions must be accompanied by an attachment of a visual art form, original and created by the author." Pays varies (see guidelines). Submit ms by form on website.
PHOTOS/ART: "Digital representation of original art by author required with submission." Payment is included with the written portion.
HINTS: "The most common mistakes are: not reading and/or not adhering to submission guidelines; sending samples of art for which the submitter does not have copyright (art must be original and by the submitter); sending submissions that are not appropriate for our magazine, graphically violent or pornographic. Read the guidelines. Don't be afraid to send what you have. Our mission is to encourage the integration of the verbal and visual arts. If you are an artist who is new to writing, or an established writer who is new to the idea of selling your art, submit! If you have an idea, and you'd like to query first, we accept and encourage queries."

Freelance Newsletter Reporter/Editor
Public Works Financing

Freelance Blogger - Pays $15 per post
gay website

Freelance Writer/Editor - for topics on nonprofits and social innovation
blind ad

Freelance E-commerce Site Content Writer - Pays $10/hour
blind ad

Freelance Translators
internet based market research company

Freelance Art Projects Editor
VIBE Vixen

Freelance Freelance Writers and Editors
Zest Books

Freelance Writer
NYU Langone Medical Center

Freelance Project Editor
Book Developer

Freelance Writers/Reporters
Habitat Magazine


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