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October 01, 2003

This Week's Markets & Jobs: October 1st | printable version

New Markets

Game Developer
CURRENT NEEDS: "All of our contributors must be professional game developers with at least one published title." Pays $150 per published page.
CURRENT NEEDS: "We are looking for steamy, flash fiction stories with well-rounded women and sexy lingerie - especially stories about women who have a positive outlook about their bodies and their sexuality. Since we are a lingerie site, lingerie must be an integral part of the story. At least one item from our site must appear in the story in a natural and appealing way. Donít say, "He took off her chemise, tossed it on the floor and said he liked her better naked." Pays flat fee of $50 per story of 500 - 800 words.

Kid Quote Greeting Cards
CURRENT NEEDS: "Any child who likes to read or write, is creative, funny and witty is strongly encouraged to enter the contest. Submit as many quotes as you want. Parents can submit quotes from children who are too young to write." Examples of past published quotes: "The older you get, the less you bug me. Happy Birthday" (age 10); "No boy is worth crying over. And the one who is wonít make you cry." (age 10); Nobody likes goodbyes." (age 9). Pays flat fee of $25, $18 worth of cards, name credit and press releases (for kid authors) sent to authorís local media outlets.

NFPA Journal
CURRENT NEEDS: "Well-documented subjects pertaining to the fire protection and life safety community." Pay negotiable for assigned articles of 2500 word max.

Nob Hill Gazette
CURRENT NEEDS: "Stories of interest to upscale [SF] Bay Area residents. Stories with humor, quotes from prominent people." Pays $100 for articles of 800 - 2500 words.

Orthopedic Technology Review
CURRENT NEEDS: "Firm knowledge of medical technology breakthrough within orthopedic world. Ability to produce clear informative feature material within parameters of assigned deadlines." Payment negotiable for articles of 1500 - 2500 words.


New Jobs

Freelance Greeting Card Writers Wanted. Humorous, Golf related content only. Birthday & Christmas cards. $50 per verse/text. To request guidelines, contact: Rob Conn at rob (at)
Submitted by: Rob Conn

Freelance Writers - Topics should focus on the home, garden/yard, and other "lifestyle" topics such as food, wine, entertainment, fashion, design, fitness, travel, and hobbies (golf, yachting, and so on).
Premier Media Group

Freelance Writer - missed this one last week; was posted in wrong category on their site
Policyowner Protection Services, Inc. (PPSI)

Freelance Windows Technical Writers
established publisher of technical books, articles, and manuals

Freelance Writers - for newsletter articles and website content - We have removed this job because it is commission-based (no guarantee of payment!)

Freelance Career Guide Writers - on how to be a Business Consultant, Celebrity Personal Assistant, Etiquette Consultant, Image Consultant, Florist, Make-Up Artist, or Photographer

Freelance Hispanic Editor/Writer
The Magazine Group

Freelance Writers - of political scandal, entertainment industry news and/or current event satire.
Los Angeles menís magazine

Freelance Writers/Reporters - Oops. Listed this by mistake. We have a warning posted about this company so we have removed the link.

Freelance Journalists - near Cedaredge, CO
Mountain Valley News

Freelance Sports Writer - near Cedaredge, CO
Mountain Valley News

Freelance Writer - very low pay - $5 per article
songwriting website



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