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101 Holidays
P.O. Box 7136
Beaminster, Dorset United Kingdom DT6 9DD

Website: http://www.101holidays.co.uk
Guidelines: http://www.101holidays.co.uk/write-for-us

Editor: Mark Hodson, Editor
Email address: mark@101holidays.co.uk

About The Publication:

“A group of six travel offering travel inspiration and recommendations. As well as the main site, our specialist sites focus on honeymoons, singles holidays, family travel, short breaks and the USA.” Works with new authors, “but they will typically be either experienced travel writers or enter through our internship program: http://www.101holidays.co.uk/internship.” Circ. 5 million annual visitors to the websites. Pays within 7 days of publication. Publishes ms approx. 7-14 days after acceptance. “We retain the right to publish the article on our website and third-party websites through syndication programmes. Copyright remains with the writer.” No reprints. Response time varies. Sample articles at website. Subscription N/A. Guidelines online at http://www.101holidays.co.uk/write-for-us.

Current Needs:

“We are always looking for fresh original ideas, and for writers that can deliver bright, clean, accurate copy to order. We are not interested in “What I did on my vacation”. Pays £50 – £100 for 800-1500 words. “New writers need to send one article – published or unpublished – and we typically ask them to send some feature ideas to see if we are on the same wavelength. Qualifications are not important.”



“Good images will always increase the chance of an article getting published.” No additional pay.


“The most common mistake in travel is to write about your own personal experience with no real insight or practical application for the reader. That’s fine if you’re Bill Bryson or Paul Theroux, in which case you should approach a book publisher or agent. Travel journalists need to write for their readers. Poor research is also commonplace.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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Abuzz Press
5726 Cortez Road W., #349
Bradenton FL 34210

Fax: 305-768-0261
Website: http://www.abuzzpress.com
Guidelines: http://www.abuzzpress.com/submit-your-manuscript/

Editor: Angela Hoy, Publisher.
Email address: http://www.abuzzpress.com/contact

About The Publication:

A hybrid publisher charging no setup/design fees to authors. “Abuzz Press pays the design and publication fees, which include: interior formatting assistance, professional cover design (no boring templates), ISBN and barcode, printer setup, and print proof (the first printed/bound copy of your book, which will ship directly to you for approval). Also includes ebook formatting/conversion. Distribution – Print Edition – We will list the book with Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor. Our print books are listed in Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, BooksAMillion.com, Chapters.ca and many other online bookstores, both domestic and foreign. Any bookstore with an Ingram account can pick up Ingram’s feed so you’ll find your book listed in stores you’ve never heard of. Most bookstores use Ingram’s database to find and order books so readers can ask their neighborhood bookstore to order your book as well. Your readers can also walk into their neighborhood bookstores and ask them to order a copy. Ebook Edition – Our ebooks are listed on Amazon.com (for the Kindle), BarnesandNoble.com (for the Nook), Apple (for iPads, iPods and iPhones), and Kobo (Canada’s popular ebook retailer).” Welcomes new writers. Publishes up to 30 titles/year. Pays royalties. Three-year exclusive contract required.

Current Needs:

Erotica (fiction and non-fiction), general non-fiction, how-to books, new age, and fiction that is exceptional. “If you have written erotica, or if erotica is something you’re interested in writing, please give us a shout. Erotica is selling very well in ebook format but we also release our books as paperbacks, of course. In addition, we’re interested in publishing more prepper books.”




HINTS: “WHAT WE’RE EXCITED ABOUT: Non-fiction – This typically sells better than fiction, provided the author is a savvy marketer; How-to books; New-Age; Erotica, erotic anthologies, erotic non-fiction, erotic romance (Yes, sex sells!). If you are interested in ghostwriting erotica, please let us know (we have a client who pays writers to contribute to her erotic fiction anthologies); Fiction that is exceptional. WHAT WE WILL REJECT: Poetry books – A few poems are fine but an entire book of poetry will be rejected. Poetry rarely sells; Collections of short stories; Illegal material – We won’t accept manuscripts that teach people how to perform illegal acts. (i.e. how to steal credit card numbers, teach a dog to fight, etc.); Portraying child abuse, or minors in sexual situations – Any manuscript that describes a child being abused will be rejected. If your character is in a sexual situation, they need to be 18 or older; Manuscripts that may lead to lawsuits against the author – Memoirs that describe abuse attract lawsuits. While we know writing these are therapeutic, they carry a heavy legal liability. We will reject any manuscript that we feel may lead to lawsuits against the author. Examples: My Ex is a Jerk, My Uncle Sexually Abused Me, My Boss Discriminated Against Me, John Doe at the CIA Railroaded Me and Now I’m in Prison, etc.”

Welcomes New Writers:

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Able, the newspaper for, by and about the disabled
P.O. Box 395
Old Bethpage NY 11804

Phone: (516)939-2253
Fax: (516)939-0540
Website: http://www.ablenews.com

Editor: Angela Melledy, Editor
Email address: ablenews-at-aol.com

About The Publication:

“We are a monthly newspaper that provides information for people with disabilities.” Welcomes new writers. Monthly. Pays on publication. Period between acceptance and publication varies. Buys one-time rights. Accepts reprints. Sample articles online. Subscription $18/year. Guidelines by email. Pays $50 for 500 words.

Current Needs:

Queries. Submit query by email.

Pays $50 for 500 words.



Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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The Appraisers Standard
6973 Crestridge Rd.
Memphis TN 38119

Phone: (901)758-2659
Website: http://www.newenglandappraisers.org

Editor: Ed Tuten, Editor
Email address: etuten551-at-aol.com

About The Publication:

“Written for personal property appraisers (antiques, collectibles, art, appraisers, dealers). Welcomes new writers. 25-50% freelance. Circ. 400. Quarterly/Monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms in issue following acceptance. Buys first rights. Accepts reprints. Responds 1-2 weeks. Subscription $25. Guidelines not available. Pays $50-$60 for 300 to 500 words.

Current Needs:

“Articles about antiques, art, off beat things OK, but has to be interesting, off beat, not wild or vulgar.” Articles should be “300 to 700 words on a subject that would be of interest to antique dealers, art gallery, antique appraisers, glass, china, furniture, paintings, artists, and address where they appear.”

Pays $50-$60 for 300 to 500 words.



“We are laid back, and would appreciate any contributions.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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Freelance Writing Jobs

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Freelance Proofreader

Freelance Writer and Editor
Brainstorm Creative Resources

Freelance Content Writer – for game discovery platform

Freelance Senior Grant Writer
S.O.U.L. Foundation

Freelance Copy Editor
Entertainment Voice

Freelance Video Game Writers

Freelance Business Writer / Content Marketer

Freelance Bloggers – Pays $50/post
1,000 Dreams Fund

Freelance Blogger
recruiter for energy provider

Freelance Bilingual Writers – Spanish/English for dictionaries
SpanishDict/spanishdict.com and Fluencia fluencia.com

Freelance Writer/Editor
Sports Gamers Online

Freelance Business Reporters
On Point Investigations

Freelance Journalist

Freelance Writer / Analyst
The Knife of Aristotle / ethicalmedia.org

Freelance Writer – for inauguration coverage. Quote your day rate.
major news site

Freelance Content Full-time Marketing Associate – Pays $35K-$45K/year

Sport and Health News Writer – Pays $800-$1000/month
blind ad

Freelance Newspaper Reporter – Pays $40/story
The Advocate Newspapers

Freelance Copywriter / Copy Editor – Pays up to $30/hour
recruiter for software startup client

Freelance Resume Writers
Write In Color

Freelance Grant Writer
consulting company

Freelance Part-Time Copy Editor

Freelance Full-time Associate Content Writer – Pays $45K/year
Education Labs LLC

Freelance Press Release Writer
blind ad

Freelance Writer
product reviews website

Freelance Technical Illustrator

Freelance Artist
Burning Illusion Studios

Freelance Graphic Desiger – print and digital
Octo Media

Freelance Transcriptionists

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Freelance Fashion and Luxury Editor – Pays $30/post

Freelance Full-time Market Research Analyst – Pays $50K-$70K
MarketLab, Inc.

Freelance Writers – first person travel stories
Go World Travel Magazine

Freelance Cartoon Artist

Freelance Social Media Specialist
Simple Finance

Freelance Cycling Writers
Cycling Hacks

Freelance Digital Copy Editor – Pays $15/hour.
Interactive Content Services

Freelance Freelance Copy-Editors
Kensington Publishing Corp

Freelance Disaster Reporter/Writer/Editor

Freelance Travel Blogger
Travel Ticker

Freelance Bloggers – marijuana
Strategic Web Investors, LLC

Freelance Writer – business and tech experience. Pays $100-$150/article.
B2B consulting firm

Freelance Writer
NewMarket Group

Full-time Freelancers
marketing company

Freelance Writers – for short screenplays
“adult studio”

Freelance Writer – with accounting experience. Pays $0.10/word.
Ignite Visibility / IgniteVisibility.com

Freelance Spanish Transcriptionist
The Audio Transcription Center

Freelance Writers, Copywriters and Editors – Pays $14/page
Coalition Technologies

Freelance Copy Strategist / Editor / Manager
Coalition Technologies

Freelance Copy Editor

Freelance Writers

Freelance Writers – Pays $50
creative/art Public Relations firm

Freelance Fitness Writer – Pays $0.10/word
Ignite Visibility / ignitevisibility.com

Freelance Content Specialist

Freelance SAT/ACT Experts
PrepScholar / prepscholar.com

Freelance Journalistic Authors, Writers & Bloggers
digital marketing agency

Freelance English – Bengali Telephone Interpreter

Freelance English – Arabic Video Remote Interpreter

Freelance Full-time Software Business Analyst

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Freelance Investigative Reporters
national investigative agency

Freelance Travel Bloggers – Pays up to $100/post
Electrim Technologies Corp / Travel Ticker

Freelance Biotech Reporters
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN)

Freelance Writers
Mommy Poppins

Freelance Writer
The Salonniere

Freelance Lead Editor

Freelance Magazine Contributor

Freelance English Language Teachers – with Task-Based Teaching Experience

Freelance ESL Content Editor

Freelance Grant Writer
Kennett Area Community Service

Freelance Digital Journalist

Freelance Personal Finance News Reporter
ConsumerTrack Inc.

Freelance B2B Digital Content Writer – Healthcare, Pharma
White Space Marketing Group

Freelance Policy / Legal Grant Writer
RaiseUp Consulting

Freelance Data Scientist

Freelance Concept Artist

Freelance Real Estate Writer
blind ad

Freelance Finance Writer

Freelance Technical Writers
blind ad

Freelance Writer
blind ad

Freelance Italian Editor/Indexer
blind ad

Freelance Writer – Pays $100-$200
Abraham Lincoln University

Freelance French Editing and Translation – Pays $20
onshore editing resource

Freelance Sports & Outdoors Writers – Pays $30-$60

Freelance Full-Time Cuisine/Restaurant Writer
marketing firm

Freelance Blogger

Freelance Medical Ghostwriter – Pays $120-$150
blind ad

Freelance Research Assistant – Pays $40-$70/project
self-employed project manager

Freelance Proofreader/Editor
blind ad

Freelance Acquisitions Editor
digital publisher

Freelance Medical Transcriptionist / Scribe
Phoenix Medcom

Freelance French Transcriptionist
The Audio Transcription Center

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Freelance Writer
The Salonniere

Freelance Writers
Screen Rant

Freelance Contributing Writer
Borough Media Group

Freelance Design Writer
Internet Brands, Inc.

Freelance Writers – politics

Freelance SEO Writer
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Staff Technical Editor
Manning Publications Co.

Freelance Acquisitions Editor
Manning Publications Co.

Freelance Organic Marketing Specialist
I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Freelance Copywriter
Gopher Sport

Freelance Press Release Writer

Freelance Editor / Proofreader
Scribendi Inc.

Freelance Lifestyle/Parenting Writer

Freelance Deal Editor

Freelance Copywriter

Freelance Virtual Teachers
Connections Education LLC

Freelance Expert Content Writer for SAT/ACT, GRE, and/or GMAT

Freelance Web Comic Artist
blind ad

Freelance Video Captioners – Pays up to $390/week

Freelance Copywriter
Wicked Media LLC

Freelance Case Writer
Executive Networks

Freelance Web / Bibliography Reseacher – American History
Snapshots of the Past / snapshotsofthepast.com

Freelance Full-time Writers
marketing company

Freelance Full-time Editorial Director – permaculture and homesteading
The Grow Network

Freelance Paid Journalist Intern – Pays $10/hour
Render Media

Freelance Energy Grant Writer

Freelance Editors, Analysts. Pays $2K/month for training
academic consultancy

Freelance Ghost Food Bloggers – Southern Indian food. Pays $75/post.
blind ad

Freelance Editors (German) – to check dubbed audio/proofread subtitles at home for popular movie and TV providers. Pays $15-$20/hour.
MyEye Media

Freelance Editors (Northern Europe Language) – to check dubbed audio/proofread subtitles at home for popular movie and TV providers. Pays $15-$20/hour.
MyEye Media

Freelance Editors (Southern Europe Language) – to check dubbed audio/proofread subtitles at home for popular movie and TV providers. Pays $15-$20/hour.
MyEye Media

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Copies of real query letters that resulted in writing assignments worth $2K and much more!




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