August 09, 2006

Letters To The Editor For August 9th | printable version

Chapstick (R) Butt Balm

I had to read this three times and nearly fell from my office chair. A neat use for Chapstick. I hope you didn't use it for your lips. LOL I love stories like this.

Larry Sells

Creative Client Cons

Dear Angela,

Thank you for publishing the article Creative Client Cons by George English. It is both informative and entertaining.

I have a remark. Mr. English suggests to check a prospective client with the Better Business Bureau. It's a sound piece of advice. Yet having a satisfactory record with the BBB is not a guarantee that a company in question has a good reputation.

Tatiana Claudy

EDITOR'S NOTE: Don't forget to check out George English's blog, Poopersscoops. It is HIGHLY addictive!


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