Letters And Comments For 06/29/2016

Letters And Comments For 06/29/2016
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COMMENTS ON: Authors, Check Your Ego at the Door…and You Just Might Sell Some Books!

I had this issue when I started, but have grown a thicker skin. I pulled my book because even though it was edited, it had many mistakes. I have never picked it up since, but I suppose I should at some point and decide whether or not to fix it. It’s funny because I edit other’s work, but I find it difficult with my own writing…I’m too caught up in it.

– Lorelei Nettles


Who in their right mind would ever turn down a “free” professional punctuation edit? “Hurt and annoyed,” should have been “Pleased and grateful.”

– Pamela Allegretto, author
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams
Two women clash in World War 2 Nazi-occupied Rome.


Indeed the author was’nt (sic) thankful and who can be a better witness of that rather than me whose work was “rejected” for the same reason. I wondered whose ego was that which stopped respected Madam Angela Hoy to undertake some correction work for me. I was outright asked to find some other publisher.

– Tanveer Md Masood


UG! There is no room for ‘hurt feelings.’ Bend a little and get a lot in return.

– Wendy Jones, author
Highlander Imagine: Beyond Infinity
Duncan MacLeod must fight a South American Immortal at Teotihuacan.


In 2007, I self-published a children’s book with Amazon. They charged me up the wazoo (http://writersweekly.com/angela-desk/more-createspace-complaints-part-iii-thinking-of-using-createspace-to-publish-your-book-you-might-want-to-read-these-authors-complaints-first) for everything, including a “professional” synopsis of my book that was clearly written by some hack for a penny a word, and “marketing” that was two banner ads I never actually got to see. Not that it mattered since at $18 the paperback was priced out of the market. Seems like little has changed, but at least self-publishers have more options now. I’m thinking of writing a second children’s book so I’ll definitely keep you in mind (http://publishing.booklocker.com/), Angela!

– DanaSan


You dodged a bullet with that author. She would have continued to feel like a special snowflake and continued to give you problems.

– Debra Holland


I just don’t understand authors who are so bleeping sensitive about getting honest, helpful, constructive critique. It’s as if the only reason they write a book is to get validation from everyone who reads it. Anyone who is less than enamored with her writing or finds one little typo or makes a suggestion for improvement is seen as someone who hates that writer, or at least makes the writer seem like she’s a failure. Grow up, sweetie. (That advice goes for men, too. We aren’t immune to being overly sensitive.)

Angela’s right. That author should have thanked her profusely for a free copy edit! What a deal. Where do I sign up?

In my genre, I’m competing against the likes of Baldacci, Child, Connelly, Sandford, Patterson, Crais, et al. I will take every iota of helpful advice, free editing or critiquing, and constructive, useful criticism I can get!

– Chris Norbury, author
Suspense novel set in rugged, beautiful northern Minnesota’s brutal winter.


I have a small traditional publishing house, but I get the same type hurt feelings from authors who don’t have to pay one penny for all we do for them.

– Vivian Zabel


Copy editing is the worst. I can read my own stuff over and over and still miss typos. I wrote a short business book recently, read it three times, then paid a professional. I then read it again but there were still errors after publication. As far as being hurt, I am my most severe critic. In fact, complements generally seem patronizing to me. I know that’s not a healthy attitude but well reasoned criticism is so much more helpful.

– Tony Barone

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Yes, online book promoting can be EASY and FUN! Let us show you how, from Day 1 through Day 90…and beyond!