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How NOT to Waste Money & Time When Promoting your Book

Hi Angela,

I just finished the article, How NOT to Waste Money & Time When Promoting your Book, by Marion Cuba and I had to shoot you a quick email. What an amazingly helpful piece!

I thought writing my novel, Out of the Ordinary, was hard. Now, I’m realizing I need to promote it (if I expect anyone to read it, that is) and I’m a total novice in this area. There’s so much to do, I don’t know where to begin. The practical, real world tips in this article have saved me hours of pointless work, needless frustration and, oh yes, a whole lot of money.

Thanks so much for, once again, sharing this type of quality info with all of us. This is just one more reasons we all love booklocker so much!

Happy holidays!
Susan Morgan Portfolio
Author, Out of the Ordinary