Comments From Recent 24-Hour Short Story Contest Participants!

Comments From Recent 24-Hour Short Story Contest Participants!
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Thanks for the contest!! I will totally enjoy the book I won, BOOK PROPOSALS THAT WORKED! Real Book Proposals That Landed $10K – $100K Publishing Contracts.



I’d like to enter my daughter in the 24-hour contest. Can I do that?

EDITOR’S RESPONSE: If you want to enter your minor child in the contest, you will need to do so under your name. We can only work with the parents or guardians of children.



Thanks for putting on the contest. They are always fun to write. I would like the Query Letters That Worked book.



Hi Angela!

Thanks so much! I’m thrilled and honored my story, “Stash,” received an Honorable Mention in the Summer 2014 24-Hour Short Story Contest. I used the link in the previous email to request my ebook prize, but just wanted to send you another “thank you” email as well. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Thanks again!

All my best,



Had a great time in the 24-hour short story contest. Looking forward to the next one. For my honorable mention prize, I would like to claim – “New Writer’s Guide to Just About Everything” by Sherry Ramsey.

Thanks again,



I saw my name on the grab bag list for the summer contest. I’d like to get the ebook “A to Z on How to Write Science Fiction: a Study and Reference Guide” by Phil Lewis. Enjoyed the contest and looking forward to the next.




Thanks again for an awesome contest! Even though I didn’t win (one of the top 3 prizes), that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try just as hard in the fall!

For my price, I’d like to request The Easy Way to Write and Sell Ebooks by Kristina Seleshanko.




YEAH! I WON something! I won a grab bag prize and I would like mine to be The Complete Guide to Writing and Selling Magazine Articles. I was shocked to see my name. Thank you very much.




1st prize: $300
2nd prize: $250
3rd prize: $200
+ 85 other prizes!

Read more HERE.