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The Writer’s Arena
49 West 71st Street, Apt #1
New York NY 10023

Website: http://thewritersarena.com/
Guidelines: http://thewritersarena.com/about-us/want-to-compete

Editor: Tony Southcotte – Submissions Editor
Email address: thewritersarena@gmail.com

About The Publication:

“Every week two authors will receive the same writing prompt from the arena. One author, a challenger, will come from you, the audience. The other author will be a member of the arena. Those authors will then have ten days to write a story that meets the parameters as outlined by the writing prompt. Ten days after the prompt is published, the stories will be published for all to enjoy. Over the next few days the stories will also be judged. Two judges have already been chosen and will each pick one story, awarding it one point. The third judge is you, the audience. In the comments section we encourage you to engage in discussion about the stories and to state which one you chose as your favorite. We’ll tally up those votes and weight them with the decision of the judges and declare a winner.“ 100% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Publishers two stories every week for four weeks, then one week off. Pays after publication. Publish ms after about a week after acceptance. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds within 3-9 months. Sample copy available online at http://thewritersarena.com.

Current Needs:

“Applications to compete in the arena.” Pays flat fee $20 per story. Submit query at http://thewritersarena.com/about-us/want-to-compete and email us with the info asked for there.

Pays flat fee $20 per story.




Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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Write Naked

Website: http://www.writenaked.net
Guidelines: https://writenaked.net/guest-blog-writers/

Editor: Tara Lynne Groth – Founder and Editor
Email address: info@taralynnegroth.com

About The Publication:

Write Naked is a space that breaks down the misconceptions many people have about freelance life.” Welcomes new writers. Circ. 3.1K – 3.6K. Publishes 3 plus new posts monthly, including 1 guest contributor. Pays on publication. Pays $50 flat fee. “Potentially $200 if a post really impresses me.” Posts average 450-650 words. Publishes ms 6-9 months after acceptance. Buys exclusive rights. No reprints. Responds 1-90 days. Sample copy available at www.writenaked.net. Subscription is free. Guidelines online at https://writenaked.net/guest-blog-writers/.

Current Needs:

“Interviews, publishing successes, trend reports, and more in the guidelines.”

Pays $50 flat fee. “Potentially $200 if a post really impresses me.” Posts average 450-650 words.


“Photos are appreciated, but not required.”


“The common mistake writers make when seeking a guest contributor spot on Write Naked is not reading the guidelines. This results in inquiries during CLOSED reading periods, sending submissions instead of a query letter, pitching an article that is too long, and not including details about writer platform. The best two things writers can do to increase their chance of acceptance are to read the guidelines and send their query during an open reading period.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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Ft Myers Magazine

Phone: (516) 652-6072
Website: http://www.ftmyersmagazine.com
Guidelines: http://www.ftmyersmagazine.com/FtMmag-WRITERS.html

Editor: Andrew Elias, Editor.
Email address: ftmyers@optonline.net

About The Publication:

“Celebrating the arts & living in Southwest Florida.” Welcomes new writers. 90% freelance. Circ. 20K. Bimonthly. Pays 30 days after publication. Publishes ms within two years of acceptance. Buys first rights. Accepts reprints. Responds 1-3 months. Sample copy available at http://www.issuu.com/ftmyers.magazine. Subscription $18.” Pays $0.10/word for 750-2000 words.

Current Needs:

“Arts: music, theater, film, video, dance, fine art, graphic arts, media. Living: health & wellness, sports & recreation, travel & leisure, food & drink, home & garden.” Pays $0.10/word for 750-2000 words. Submit query by email.

Pays $0.10/word for 750-2000 words.


“Supply images to accommodate article if possible (with captions).” Pays $10-$100/photo.


Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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Dakotafire Media
PO Box 603
Frederick SD 57441

Phone: (605)290-3335
Website: http://www.dakotafire.net/

Editor: Heidi Marttila-Losure, Editor.
Email address: heidi-at-dakotafire.net

About The Publication:

“Dakotafire’s goal is sparking rural revival, one story at a time. Most of our stories are written collaboratively with weekly newspaper journalists in our region. We also accept freelance stories, or freelancers can contribute reporting to our collaborative stories. We cover the eastern Dakotas, especially the James River Valley. Our stories are published in a bi-monthly magazine, in regional newspapers and online at Dakotafire.net.” Welcomes new writers. Circ. 14K. Bimonthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms within two months. Accepts reprints. Responds one month. Subscription $25. Guidelines available by email. Pays $0.25/word for print, $100 flat fee for online.

Current Needs:

“Stories that are relevant to readers in the rural Dakotas. Topics include agriculture, rural revitalization, rural policy, health, and education. Most stories are assigned, but freelancers are welcome to submit ideas.”

Pays $50-$150 for 700-1000 words. Submit query with cover letter, resume, and samples by email.


“Art/photos to go with stories welcomed. Standalone photos rarely accepted.” Pays $30/photo or a negotiated amount for a photo package.


“Upcoming magazine topics include water, local food, rural policy, education and health.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

Markets Archive

Freelance Writing Jobs

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Freelance Legal Writer / Editor – Pays $26/hour
blind ad

Freelance Software/GUI Tech Writer: Users Guide

Freelance Travel Blogger/Writer
Travel Ticker

Freelance Firearms Blogger
Pew Pew Tactical

Freelance Business Writer – Food

Freelance Writer – Recipe Adaptations
SFG Media Group

Freelance B2B Copywriter/Blogger
Artisan Creative

Freelance Top-line Investigative Journalist
“international publisher”

Freelance College Basketball Writer

Freelance Ghostwriter – non-fiction book

Freelance Acquisitions Editor
Lonely Planet Kids

Freelance Expert Content Writer – for educational guides

Freelance Travel Bloggers
Electrim Technologies Corp

Freelance English Transcribers

Freelance Content Writer – Pays $20/hour
boutique marketing firm

Freelance Copywriters – Pays $1200/month for 12 articles
blind ad

Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

Freelance Writer – with legal experience
marketing and public relations firm

Freelance Entry Level Content Editor and Copywriter – Pays $20/hour
digital strategy agency

Freelance Writer – to write and edit users’ emails. Pays $15/hour.

Freelance US And Latin Entertainment News Writers
digital publishing company

Freelance Ghostwriter – for autobiography/biography

Freelance Conference Producer & Content Director – Pays $45K+
conference company

Freelance Blogger – Pays $50/post of 250 words
college admissions blog

Freelance Blogger – near San Diego, CA. Pays $200/week.
firm that owns multiple websites

Freelance Research Assistant – international developement
consulting firm engaged in municipal Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) projects in the Middle East.

Freelance Kids Content Creator – Photoshop experience required
website for kids

Freelance Copywriter – near Pacific Beach, CA. Pays $20-$35/hour
Inseev Interactive

Freelance Technical Copywriter

Freelance Ghost Blogger – glaucoma and vision loss. Pays $65-$85/post.
blind ad


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Get Published in About a Month for $675

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Freelance Content & Social Media Marketing Manager

Freelance Content Writers

Freelance Writer
Loaded Landscapes

Freelance Energetic Reporter
Jewish News Service

Freelance Fact Checker
American Kennel Club

Freelance Visionary Writer/Editor

Freelance Technical Writer
Mattermost, Inc.

Freelance Writer (eSports)

Freelance Consistent Content Writer – for high-profile business leader. Pays $40-$50/hour.
Book In A Box

Freelance Business GhostWriter
RSL Media

Freelance Career Coach
The Muse

Freelance Writers – Pays $10 for 100 words

Freelance Interior Design Writer – Pays $50-$100
specialized B2B marketing firm

Freelance Real Estate Blogger

Freelance Proofreader
NYC & Hamptons Lifestyle Magazines

Freelance Writers and Editors
next gen glossy mag/journal

Freelance Financial Writer – website content, white papers and marketing materials.
Odyssey Search Partners

Freelance List/News Writers – for comic book, movie, TV, and gaming enthusiasts.
Valnet, Inc.

Freelance Copywriter – for email campaigns

Freelance Technical Writer – near Woburn MA. Pays $50/hour
blind ad

Freelance SEO Copy Writer – Pays ~$50/hour
SmartTouch Interactive

Freelance Writers – Pays $0.10/word
The Girl Side

Freelance Writer – Pays $20 for 200-300 words/week
shoe/sneaker focused community/blog

Freelance Gallery Contributor – Pays $100

Freelance List Writers

Freelance Paid Intern – Pays $8/hour
Natural Awakenings magazine

Freelance “Storyteller” (Copywriter)

Freelance Food and Agriculture Writers – Pays $0.25/word
edible BRONX

Freelance Creative Writers – Pays $13-$15/hour

Freelance Spanish and English Transcriptionist – Pays $10-$20/hour

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Freelance Journalist – pays up to €150 per article
Blasting News

Freelance Automotive Writer
Gayot Publications

Freelance Book Reviewers
Kirkus Media

Freelance Bloggers – Pays $100-$200/article

Freelance Direct Response Copywriter
Tall Cube

Freelance Bloggers

Freelance Stock Market News Editors & Reporters
MT Newswires

Freelance Press Release Writer – Pays $40/hour
Creative Circle

Freelance Analysts and Project Managers – Pays $200-$2000
cloud-based consultancy

Freelance Writers
corporate blog

Freelance Visionary Editor
firm that develops websites and writes specialized content for businesses

Freelance Writer

Freelance Legal Blogger/Content Writer – Pays $20/post
legal content writing firm

Freelance Technical Writer

Freelance online trending news writers
digital publishing company

Freelance Creative Writers – Pays $13-$15/hour
ViDA – Virtual Dating Assistants

Freelance Copywriter – Pays up to $25/hour

Freelance Director, Grants and Education
“CME group”

Freelance Business (Ghost)Writer
RSL Media

Freelance Book Reviewers

Freelance Editor – Big Data and Applied Mathematics
The Conversation US

Freelance Writer
New Jersey Realtor® Magazine

Freelance Writers – Pays up to $100/post

Freelance Design Section Editor – Pays $1,000/month
Paste Magazine

Freelance Style Section Editor – Pays $1,000/month
Paste Magazine

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Copies of real query letters that resulted in writing assignments worth $2K and much more!

Get Published in About a Month for $675

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Freelance Full-time Editor – with empathy, compassion and imagination
blind ad

Freelance Writer – sports video game news and reviews. Pays $25-$150.
Digital Trends

Freelance Journalists

Freelance Writer

Freelance Copywriters – fashion and product descriptions
blind ad

Freelance Bloggers – small business travel tips
blind ad

Freelance Children’s Book Authors, Poets, Illustrators, Writers

Freelance List Writer

Freelance PC Hardware & Software Journalist
Digital Trends

Freelance California Writer – Pays $1000/month

Freelance Grant Writer – Pays $3000 to $9000
Ved-G Kids

Freelance Full-time Proposal Writer / Contracts Administrator
NuHarbor Security

Freelance Copyeditor
blind ad

Freelance Technical Writer/Editor I – Pays $26/hour
Ross Professional Services, LLC

Freelance Nursing Website Content Editor/Strategist
Nurse.org and TravelNursing.org

Freelance Technical Editors – Pays $1.50-$2.25
Bookbright Media

Freelance Writer – Pays $13-$15/hour
Virtual Dating Assistants

Freelance Writers
consulting firm

Freelance Technical Copywriter

Freelance Copywriter/Social Media Manager

Freelance Apple News & Rumors Beat Writer / Reporter / Blogger

Freelance Editor

Freelance Expert Content Writer – for Educational Guides. Pays $45K-$55K.

Freelance Writers

Freelance Video Captioners

Freelance Translator (Chinese to English) – Pays $20-$50/hour
blind ad

Freelance Personal Assistant & Bookkeeper
blind ad

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Copies of real query letters that resulted in writing assignments worth $2K and much more!

Freelance Writing Jobs Archive