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Kung Fu Tai Chi
40748 Encyclopedia Circle
Fremont CA 94538

Phone: (510)656-5100
Fax: (510)656-8844
Website: http://www.kungfumagazine.com/
Guidelines: http://ezine.kungfumagazine.com/about/guidelines.php

Editor: Gene Ching, Associate Publisher.
Email address: Gene-at-KungFuMagazine.com

About The Publication:

“Kung Fu Tai Chi is exclusively focused on Chinese martial arts and their derivations.” 70% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 15K. Bi-monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 2-6 months after acceptance. Buys First North American publication rights. No reprints. Responds 1 week. For a sample articles, visit the website. Subscription $15; $30 outside the U.S. Pays $125 for 2000+ words; $85 for 1000-1999 words. Articles should be around 1500-2500 words. Submit query or complete ms by email.

Current Needs:

“Technical or training pieces for Chinese martial arts.”

Pays $125 for 2000+ words; $85 for 1000-1999 words. Articles should be around 1500-2500 words. Submit query or complete ms by email.


“300 dpi minimum, 8 photos minimum per submission”


“The martial arts magazine field is very niche so please be familiar with what has been published recently in our magazine, as well as in other magazines.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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10350 Hwy. 80 E
Montgomery AL 36117

Phone: (800)240-3337
Fax: (334)215-3535
Website: http://www.buckmasters.com/

Editor: Mike Handley, Editor.
Email address: mhandley-at-buckmasters.com

About The Publication:

“We publish ONLY stories about the harvests of world-class animals, 75 percent of which are enormous white-tailed deer. All whitetails MUST be measured on the BTR system and score 160 or more inches as ‘typicals’ or ‘perfects,’ or at least 175 if ‘irregular’ or ‘semi-irregular.’ A BTR score is like a true gross score WITHOUT the inside spread. Other stories may revolve around the harvest of most any North American big game trophy, so long as the animal qualifies for one of the major record books (B&C, P&Y, Longhunter or SCI). DO NOT send queries or manuscripts for any other type of story. We do not buy columns, how-to, where-to or gear-related articles.” Welcomes new writers. Circ. 76.7K. Bi-monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 4-8 months after acceptance. Buys 1st North American rights. Accepts reprints. Responds in 30 days. Subscription $20.95. Guidelines by email. Pays $100-$325 for 1000 words.

Current Needs:

“Any story (animal) that meets our requirements.”

Pays $100-$325 for 1000 words. Submit by e-mailing mhandley-at-buckmasters.com.


“Two publishable images.” No extra payment.


“Please do not refer to any other scoring organization when writing about whitetails. When describing other big game (book-class animals), references to B&C or P&Y are acceptable. We also prefer AP style.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
89 5th Avenue, Suite 301
New York NY 10003

Phone: (212)929-0320
Website: http://www.tricycle.org
Guidelines: http://tricycle.org/contact/

Editor: Emma Varvaloucas-Managing Editor, R Marie Scarles-Editorial Assistant, Wendy Joan Biddlecombe-Web Editor
Email address: editorial@tricycle.org

About The Publication:

“Established in 1990 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization, The Tricycle Foundation is dedicated to making Buddhist teachings and practices broadly available. In 1991, the Foundation launched Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, the first magazine intended to present Buddhist perspectives to a Western readership. Tricycle soon became the leading independent journal of Buddhism in the West, where it continues to be the most inclusive and widely read vehicle for the dissemination of Buddhist views and values. Our readership includes longtime practitioners, those who are curious about Buddhism or meditation, and those who do not identify as Buddhist but value the teachings of wisdom and compassion that Buddhism has to offer.” 70% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 50K; over 200K visitors per month online. Quarterly. Pays on publication. Period between acceptance and publication varies. Buys first rights. Accepts reprints. Responds within a month. “However, due to the large number that we receive each month, please don’t let a longer wait surprise you.” Subscription: Print + digital subscription U.S. – $40 | year Canada – $45 | year International – $55 | year Digital-only subscription $35 | year. Guidelines online at http://tricycle.org/contact/.

Current Needs:

“We accept article submissions on a rolling basis. While we can only consider submissions relating to Buddhism, however obliquely, we believe that there is a Buddhist approach to anything and everything. Also, please send work that reflects your knowledge and interests rather than trying to anticipate Tricycle’s. It might be helpful to browse our website to get a sense of our current content. We look forward to seeing your work. For your submission to be considered, we ask that you first send us a one-page query outlining your idea, any relevant information about your Buddhist and writing background, your familiarity with the subject of your proposal, and so on. If you have clips or writing samples, please send these along with your proposal. Due to the high volume of submissions, we are not currently accepting unsolicited poetry. We prefer to receive short (fewer than 4,000 words) manuscripts. Please include a word count, as well as your name, address, and the date in your query letter. We accept submissions electronically only; we do not accept physical manuscripts. Send submissions to editorial@tricycle.org.”

Pay rates: Magazine columns $350; Magazine features varies, generally .30/word; Magazine feature interviews $500; Magazine reviews $400.” Word counts: 400 – 4,000.


Sourced in-house. “We pay $500 for a commissioned shoot.”


“Please take a look at what topics the magazine has already covered before you pitch us. We frequently see ideas from writers that we have done before, and at length.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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The Writer’s Arena
49 West 71st Street, Apt #1
New York NY 10023

Website: http://thewritersarena.com/
Guidelines: http://thewritersarena.com/about-us/want-to-compete

Editor: Tony Southcotte – Submissions Editor
Email address: thewritersarena@gmail.com

About The Publication:

“Every week two authors will receive the same writing prompt from the arena. One author, a challenger, will come from you, the audience. The other author will be a member of the arena. Those authors will then have ten days to write a story that meets the parameters as outlined by the writing prompt. Ten days after the prompt is published, the stories will be published for all to enjoy. Over the next few days the stories will also be judged. Two judges have already been chosen and will each pick one story, awarding it one point. The third judge is you, the audience. In the comments section we encourage you to engage in discussion about the stories and to state which one you chose as your favorite. We’ll tally up those votes and weight them with the decision of the judges and declare a winner.“ 100% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Publishers two stories every week for four weeks, then one week off. Pays after publication. Publish ms after about a week after acceptance. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds within 3-9 months. Sample copy available online at http://thewritersarena.com.

Current Needs:

“Applications to compete in the arena.” Pays flat fee $20 per story. Submit query at http://thewritersarena.com/about-us/want-to-compete and email us with the info asked for there.

Pays flat fee $20 per story.




Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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Freelance Writing Jobs

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Freelance Social Media Writer
Global Learning

Freelance Big Ideas Writer – Pays $25-$75/hour

Freelance Contract Content Writer – Pays $35/hour

Freelance Writers
Canadian Franchise Journal

Freelance Content Writer – SaaS, Business, Web Dev
Audience Ops

Freelance Software/GUI Tech Writer
Users Guide, Hourly, DC Startup

Freelance SE Asia Correspondents
Inside International Industrials

Freelance Technology & Innovation Journalist
APN Consulting, Inc.

Freelance Writers
Pop Culture LGBTQ Site

Freelance Proofreader – for travel guide
blind ad

Freelance Part Time Transcriber
blind ad

Freelance Transcriber – for periodic overflow work. Focus groups, meetings, interviews, documentary footage, oral histories, dictations, etc.
blind ad

Freelance Content Writers – Entertainment, Weird, Creepy, Gaming, Misc.

Freelance Writer – Weird History, Military, Government, Conspiracy

Freelance Fulltime Editor – Pays $55K-$60K/year
Daiy Progressive / dailyprogressive.org

Freelance Writers – Pays $45-$50
travel website focused on visitors to the SF Bay Area

Freelance Video Captioners – Pays $0.40-$0.75 per video minute

Freelance Funny Twitter Writer
blind ad

Freelance Paid Intern – pays “small stipend”
daily celebrity news site

Freelance Content Writer/Brand Developer – Pays $30-$40/hour

Freelance Copywriter – Pays up to $25/hour
recruiter for developer of board games and puzzles

Freelance B2B Marketing Writer

Freelance Video Scriptwriter
Valnet Inc. / The Sportster

Freelance Writer – near San Francisco

Freelance Blogger – pre-employment screenings in the banking and financial sector. Pay s$80-$100/post
B2B marketing company

Freelance Writers – Q&A, Prifles and in-depth travel feature. Pays $50-$100
Spirit Guides

Freelance Academic Writer – Pays $4-$37 for 120-word answers

Freelance Alt Text Writers
SPi Global

Freelance Copywriter – Pays $32/hour
recruiter for a real estate developer working on a very high end luxury property

Freelance Writer – to discuss reasons to sell one’s home. Pays $75/post.
B2B marketing company

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Freelance Legal Writer / Editor – Pays $26/hour
blind ad

Freelance Software/GUI Tech Writer: Users Guide

Freelance Travel Blogger/Writer
Travel Ticker

Freelance Firearms Blogger
Pew Pew Tactical

Freelance Business Writer – Food

Freelance Writer – Recipe Adaptations
SFG Media Group

Freelance B2B Copywriter/Blogger
Artisan Creative

Freelance Top-line Investigative Journalist
“international publisher”

Freelance College Basketball Writer

Freelance Ghostwriter – non-fiction book

Freelance Acquisitions Editor
Lonely Planet Kids

Freelance Expert Content Writer – for educational guides

Freelance Travel Bloggers
Electrim Technologies Corp

Freelance English Transcribers

Freelance Content Writer – Pays $20/hour
boutique marketing firm

Freelance Copywriters – Pays $1200/month for 12 articles
blind ad

Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

Freelance Writer – with legal experience
marketing and public relations firm

Freelance Entry Level Content Editor and Copywriter – Pays $20/hour
digital strategy agency

Freelance Writer – to write and edit users’ emails. Pays $15/hour.

Freelance US And Latin Entertainment News Writers
digital publishing company

Freelance Ghostwriter – for autobiography/biography

Freelance Conference Producer & Content Director – Pays $45K+
conference company

Freelance Blogger – Pays $50/post of 250 words
college admissions blog

Freelance Blogger – near San Diego, CA. Pays $200/week.
firm that owns multiple websites

Freelance Research Assistant – international developement
consulting firm engaged in municipal Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) projects in the Middle East.

Freelance Kids Content Creator – Photoshop experience required
website for kids

Freelance Copywriter – near Pacific Beach, CA. Pays $20-$35/hour
Inseev Interactive

Freelance Technical Copywriter

Freelance Ghost Blogger – glaucoma and vision loss. Pays $65-$85/post.
blind ad


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Get Published in About a Month for $675

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Freelance Content & Social Media Marketing Manager

Freelance Content Writers

Freelance Writer
Loaded Landscapes

Freelance Energetic Reporter
Jewish News Service

Freelance Fact Checker
American Kennel Club

Freelance Visionary Writer/Editor

Freelance Technical Writer
Mattermost, Inc.

Freelance Writer (eSports)

Freelance Consistent Content Writer – for high-profile business leader. Pays $40-$50/hour.
Book In A Box

Freelance Business GhostWriter
RSL Media

Freelance Career Coach
The Muse

Freelance Writers – Pays $10 for 100 words

Freelance Interior Design Writer – Pays $50-$100
specialized B2B marketing firm

Freelance Real Estate Blogger

Freelance Proofreader
NYC & Hamptons Lifestyle Magazines

Freelance Writers and Editors
next gen glossy mag/journal

Freelance Financial Writer – website content, white papers and marketing materials.
Odyssey Search Partners

Freelance List/News Writers – for comic book, movie, TV, and gaming enthusiasts.
Valnet, Inc.

Freelance Copywriter – for email campaigns

Freelance Technical Writer – near Woburn MA. Pays $50/hour
blind ad

Freelance SEO Copy Writer – Pays ~$50/hour
SmartTouch Interactive

Freelance Writers – Pays $0.10/word
The Girl Side

Freelance Writer – Pays $20 for 200-300 words/week
shoe/sneaker focused community/blog

Freelance Gallery Contributor – Pays $100

Freelance List Writers

Freelance Paid Intern – Pays $8/hour
Natural Awakenings magazine

Freelance “Storyteller” (Copywriter)

Freelance Food and Agriculture Writers – Pays $0.25/word
edible BRONX

Freelance Creative Writers – Pays $13-$15/hour

Freelance Spanish and English Transcriptionist – Pays $10-$20/hour

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Copies of real query letters that resulted in writing assignments worth $2K and much more!

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Freelance Journalist – pays up to €150 per article
Blasting News

Freelance Automotive Writer
Gayot Publications

Freelance Book Reviewers
Kirkus Media

Freelance Bloggers – Pays $100-$200/article

Freelance Direct Response Copywriter
Tall Cube

Freelance Bloggers

Freelance Stock Market News Editors & Reporters
MT Newswires

Freelance Press Release Writer – Pays $40/hour
Creative Circle

Freelance Analysts and Project Managers – Pays $200-$2000
cloud-based consultancy

Freelance Writers
corporate blog

Freelance Visionary Editor
firm that develops websites and writes specialized content for businesses

Freelance Writer

Freelance Legal Blogger/Content Writer – Pays $20/post
legal content writing firm

Freelance Technical Writer

Freelance online trending news writers
digital publishing company

Freelance Creative Writers – Pays $13-$15/hour
ViDA – Virtual Dating Assistants

Freelance Copywriter – Pays up to $25/hour

Freelance Director, Grants and Education
“CME group”

Freelance Business (Ghost)Writer
RSL Media

Freelance Book Reviewers

Freelance Editor – Big Data and Applied Mathematics
The Conversation US

Freelance Writer
New Jersey Realtor® Magazine

Freelance Writers – Pays up to $100/post

Freelance Design Section Editor – Pays $1,000/month
Paste Magazine

Freelance Style Section Editor – Pays $1,000/month
Paste Magazine

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Copies of real query letters that resulted in writing assignments worth $2K and much more!

Get Published in About a Month for $675

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