“As world economies converge, reports from the fault lines of integration. features original writing on financial, economic, and political topics that have a global impact.” Welcomes new writers. 25% freelance. Circ. 120K. Quarterly moving to bimonthly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms in next quarterly issue. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds 1-2 days. Sample copy available in PDF form. Subscription $59.95. Guidelines available by email. Pays $0.10-$0.15/word for 700-2500 words.

Pacific Coast Business Times

“Weekly business journal serving Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo Counties in California.” 10% freelance. Circ. 4K. Weekly. Pays 30 days after publication. Buys all rights. No reprints. Response time varies. Subscription $49.99.



Quill Content Address: 57 Rathbone Place London London W1t1JU United Kingdom Email: Website/URL: ATTN: Sarah Hytner-Marriott Pays Monthly via PayPal, based on £ 120-150 day rates Do you have a killer eye for detail and a knack for capturing different tones of voice? Are you looking to sharpen your editorial skills and build […]

Progressive Populist

“Twice-monthly magazine in tabloid newspaper format that reports on issues of interest to workers, small businesses and family farmers and ranchers.” 10% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 18K. Twice monthly. Pays at the end of the quarter in which the article was published. Publishes ms 2 weeks after acceptance. Buys one-time rights. Accepts reprints. Responds “right away.” For a sample call 1-800-205-7067 or email Subscription $39.95 in US, $80 (US) to Canada, $110 US to other countries. Guidelines by email or by mail with SASE.

The Music & Sound Retailer

“We are the most widely read trade publication serving brick-and-mortar musical instrument stores and their owners, managers and buyers.” Welcomes new writers. Circ. 11.5K. Monthly. Pays 60 days after publication. Period between acceptance and publication varies. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds 24-48 hours. Sample copy available online. Subscription $18. Guidelines available by email. Pays $200 and up. Pays $400 for secret-shopper column.

NAILPRO, Beauty Launchpad, Beauty Store Business, DAYSPA, MedEsthetics, Nail It!

25% freelance. Trade publications for salon owners and nail professionals. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 60K. Monthly. Pays 30 days after receipt of article. Publishes ms approx. 3 months after acceptance. Buys “exclusive first North American serial rights for use in print, online and digital editions of NAILPRO; non-exclusive rights for use in print, online and digital editions of other Creative Age Publications; non-exclusive rights to use and re-use the work in advertising and promotion of our publications and non-exclusive rights to license the use and re-use of the work by our licensees and franchises.” No reprints. Response time varies. Sample issue can be purchased online, or call Subscription Services at (800)442.5667. Subscription $19.95; $35 Mexico/Canada; $60 other. Guidelines not available.

Alaska Business Monthly

“Alaska Business Monthly’s goal is to provide thorough and objective analysis of the issues and trends affecting Alaska’s businesses, and to feature stories on the individuals, organizations, and companies that shape the Alaska Economy. Alaska Business Monthly explores the Alaska economy with a statewide and regional approach to business coverage.” 80% freelance. Welcomes published authors from Alaska. Circ. 12-15K. Monthly. Pays month of publication. Buys all rights. Responds promptly to queries. Read archived issues and the “Current Issue” postings on website. Subscriptions $39.95. Pays $100-$500 for 500-2,500 words.

The Consumer Eagle

“The Consumer Eagle is an online newspaper scheduled to launch in mid-February. The audience is a general purpose audience with a presumed interest in consumer law. Our editorial viewpoint leans slightly on the side of consumer advocacy, but does not demonize business/industry. The target audience encompasses consumers, policymakers, and businesspeople. In other words, the writing should be interesting enough to engage those in-the-know, but straightforward enough to maintain the interest of those with little knowledge of consumer law.” 100% freelance. Daily. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms 1-2 days after acceptance. Responds 1-2 days. Guidelines available by email. Pays $60-$125 for 600-1000 words.