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Letters To The Editor For June 23rd

~Not All Bookstore Managers are Jerks...~ Hi Angela, et al, I just wanted to say I agree with you whole heartedly that the bookstore manager was out of line. However, I would like to say that not all bookstores and their employees would react in such a manner. I am a writer and also have worked in a very fine independent bookstore. We pour our entire souls into our shop. It is also imperative we have a very good working, friendly relationship with the authors we host for signings as well as all of our customers. We would never have treated an author or anyone with such disrespect. I hope that gentleman will be reprimanded by the bookstore owner for his very rude behavior. At our shop, we have always taken pride in ordering more than enough books well within the time frame of the signing as well as doing as much marketing as possible via media, word of mouth, flyers, etc. So I hope your briefing on your experience did not sour your reader's perspective of bookstores in general, especially independent stores, who have to work very hard to maintain their business. As a business owner yourself, I'm sure you could agree. Thanks very much for your time. Sincerely, Kristen S. Bookseller Emeritus, Bookends Bookstore, Bay St. Louis, MS. …

Letters To The Editor For June 16th

~Got a Gig From Writersweekly~ Angela, I responded to a brief freelance ad on your site last October or November. It's a long story, but I ended up with two permanent writing/editing positions and enough freelance work to put me near six figures during the year. Thanks. I still check your site, even though I can't take on any more assignments. -JB …

Letters To The Editor For June 9th

The Week:

  • Freelance Finder Websites are Horrible!
  • Where to Report Fraud
  • Easy for Us Writers to Process Overseas Checks

Three Assignments From Writersweekly.Com!

Hey Angela, Just thought you'd like to know that I got three writing assignments from your newsletter this week. Your website is great. I'm recomending it to everyone. Dave …

Letters To The Editor For May 5th

This Week:

  • Picked Up Another Lead From Writersweekly
  • Some Parents Should NOT Homeschool Their Children
  • Aaaahhh

Letters To The Editor For April 28th

~The 24-Hour Short Story Contest is FUN!~ Hello! This was the first time I've ever done this, and I can't tell you how much fun it was! I thought about my story all day, stayed up way too late writing it and then got up early to edit and send. Thanks so much for doing this - I already feel like I've won! Craig Smith …

Letters To The Editor For April 21st

This Week:

  • Got a Great Job From Listing in Writersweekly!
  • Client From Hell? Five Warnings Signs
  • Homeschooling Comments!

Letters To The Editor For April 14th

This Week:

  • Attorney Comments on the John Giles' Lawsuit
  • Teens/Tweens Class!
  • Question About Online Classes
  • How to Be a Syndicated Newspaper Columnist

Letters To The Editor for March 17th

This Week:

  • Southwest Writers.com Offers Critique Service
  • Stunned By Lazy Editors
  • Reporting On A Good Market!
  • Kudos

Letters To The Editor for March 10th

This Week:

  • Query Letters That Worked!
  • How Lazy Editors Lose Readers
  • Ethics of Honesty
  • Our Priority? Writers!
  • Janet Kay & Associates' Search Warrant Woes~
  • Kudos


Hi, Richard, I'm very pleased with both the ebook and my subscription to The Write Markets Report. In fact, I've been really happy with all Booklocker.com purchases. You and Angela do an outstanding job, and I have to admit that even though she has absolutely no idea who I am, I still consider her to be my own personal mentor. WritersWeekly is an invaluable resource and I have learned a tremendous amount! Also, what I've read of her personal life and the obstacles she overcame in the past is truly an inspiration. Thanks again for the follow-up on my recent order, and my prayers go out to your family for continued success and happiness! Sincerely, Lori McKenzie …

Nasty Skunks

Thank you for WritersWeekly.com! You do an awesome job, and I really appreciate each issue. You've written about some skunks who have been nasty to you, but I'll bet they are far outnumbered by people like me who think your ezine is wonderful. Best wishes, Barbara Frank http://www.cardamompublishers.com …

Query Letters That Worked!

Dear Angie, Many, many thanks for publishing Query Letters That Worked! I couldn't wait to receive my copy. Already, I have picked up on priceless nuggets of advice. Your section, "Angela Hoy's secret for finding ongoing freelance work from companies that have a stable of freelancers, yet never run ads for them!" was worth the price of the whole book...and then some! Regards, Joan M. Jackson, Principal JMJ Information Services - "Business Research Targeting Emerging Ethnic Markets" http://www.jmjinfo.com …

Letters for February 11th

~Jonette Writes...~ Dear Richard, You and Angela have my undying respect and admiration for the way you run both Booklocker.com and WritersWeekly.com. Whenever I have had a question, it has been quickly and satisfactorily answered, and the ebooks always live up to their claims. Thank you, Angela and Richard, many times over. Best wishes, Jonette Stabbert in Amsterdam ~Karyse Writes...~ Sometimes we forget to praise those we respect while we don't hesitate to criticize those we don't. YOU, are praiseworthy. I've been a subscriber to WritersWeekly for a long time; so long that I can't remember how long. I have come to trust you completely and have recommended both Booklocker.com and WritersWeekly.com to many people. Besides the fact that your site doesn't request that I accept a gazillion cookies, it is fast loading, easy to maneuver, and full of great information. Your newsletter is anticipated and read as soon as it arrives in my inbox. So, thanks, Angela. Karyse …

Letters for February 4th

No letters this week. Sent your letters to angela (at) writersweekly.com. …

Letters for January 28th

~Frozen Nose Hairs~ For many years, "nose-hair-sticking-together-cold" has been a term I use for the kind of weather you are describing. You step outside the house, encased in your state-of-the-art thermal protection, take a breath and ZINGO... ~Oh My!~~ I hope I don't offend you by saying this, but . . . oh my Gosh! Last week's article looks like it was written by me…

Letters For January 14th

Numerous readers comment on why it's a bad idea to do business with "jerks." …

Your Piece In Start Writing Now

Hi Richard, I am in a period of enlightenment right now, as far as my writing career is concerned. It's a place I have never been before, but I am enjoying, thoroughly, reading everything I can get my hands on that I think might teach me something new about this mysterious craft of writing. Your sites, both Writersweekly.com and Booklocker.com have helped me immensely. So, in closing, I wanted to say, "Thank you," to you, Angela, and your staff for all of the hard work that you put into making the sites the bountiful baskets of resources that they are! Keep up the great work and here's to a fantastic 2004 for all of us! Cheers, Jessica Martinez-Stanfield Dear Angela, I enjoyed your piece in Start Writing Now (November 2003 - http://www.writersdigest.com/store/magdisplay.asp?id=WY1103). The first two paragraphs were real grabbers. Party on..... Parrott Sutton, Kinston, NC …