Letters To The Editor For March 16th

Making Soldiers Smile

Re: Angela’s article last week

I work in a preschool, and I also moonlight as a reporter/photographer for a small newspaper. Last week a mom asked if we could make 75 Easter cards for her brother-in-law’s unit stationed in Baghdad. Not only did the kids make the cards, but I also took a photo with all of the kids holding up a banner sending Easter greetings to Baghdad.

The photo, along with a short story, was featured in a half-page story in the newspaper. The lady in charge of forwarding the Easter cards contacted me and ended up sending several copies of the paper to Baghdad as well. I am supposed to get a photo of the soldiers reading my story. I think that is really cool and I hope we made more than 75 people smile with this!

Author of Get Smart Through Art and ADHD and ME.

Carolyn’s Article

Hey Angela,

Absolutely awesome piece by Carolyn Campbell about naming your book. I printed it and put it in my “how to write” file. Thanks so much for your terrific newsletter.

-Patch Rose