Letters To The Editor For March 16th

Making Soldiers Smile

Re: Angela’s article last week

I work in a preschool, and I also moonlight as a reporter/photographer for a small newspaper. Last week a mom asked if we could make 75 Easter cards for her brother-in-law’s unit stationed in Baghdad. Not only did the kids make the cards, but I also took a photo with all of the kids holding up a banner sending Easter greetings to Baghdad.

The photo, along with a short story, was featured in a half-page story in the newspaper. The lady in charge of forwarding the Easter cards contacted me and ended up sending several copies of the paper to Baghdad as well. I am supposed to get a photo of the soldiers reading my story. I think that is really cool and I hope we made more than 75 people smile with this!

Author of Get Smart Through Art and ADHD and ME.
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Carolyn’s Article

Hey Angela,

Absolutely awesome piece by Carolyn Campbell about naming your book. I printed it and put it in my “how to write” file. Thanks so much for your terrific newsletter.

-Patch Rose