Kudos To Julie Hood!

Dear Angela,

I’ve subscribed to your WritersWeekly for some years, gotten a lot of good info. from you, and enjoyed your News from the Home Office immensely. But I’ve been so busy with other things, I hadn’t done any writing to sell, just the column I do for my genealogy society’s fine magazine.

The piece about organizing by Julie Hood (Files, Piles and Stacks…Get Organized for 2005) you featured in WritersWeekly was so great, I printed it, then went to her website and printed some more. I was so taken by what Julie said about organizing, it really energized me to get going. I pulled out a little essay about Marsh Marigolds I’d written back in 1996 and sent to a gardening magazine, which rejected it. Now I refurbished it, gave it a new title, Vanishing Act, and on January 20 sent it to another publication. Today, the editor e-mailed me that he liked it and is buying it!

Just last week I bought Julie’s book from you and it lives up to everything said about it.

Thanks to both you and Julie, I’m over the moon. And I’m organizing like crazy! Great Weekly, great book!

Jean Chapman Snow
Sherman Oaks, CA