Letters To The Editor For May 4th

Yet Another Con By The Major Publishers!!

Re: Angela’s article – Work-for-Hire or Indentured Servitude?

I am an old printer and typesetter. When I started all books were set with lead type on the “modern” Linotypes. This was a very expensive proposition by a publisher. Books were less expensive to the consumer when the cost were much higher.

Today, there are NO typesetting cost. The author must set the book on a computer. If the publisher wishes to reformat, it only takes a few keystrokes.

Today, publishers do not sell the books. The authors get royalty advances which they must return if they do not stop writing and sell the books for the publisher. However, the major publishers make all the profits and the author gets little if anything.

This is why companies like Booklocker.com are needed. Why do all the creation and work and give all the money to the major “publishers”?

Kent Killen

What Happened To Integrity?

Hi Angie,

Excellent info on the work-for-hire fiasco. You’d think big publishers would have a little more integrity. Anymore I’m beginning to think work-for-hire only works in commercial writing where you set your own fees and the client can take it or leave it.

Have a great day,
Kammy Thurman