Whispers And Warnings For February 19th

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Billionaire David Einhorn Sues to Reveal Identity of ‘Seeking Alpha’ Blogger
“Investment research website and blogging forum Seeking Alpha is in hot water after an anonymous blogger revealed that billionaire David Einhorn was secretly buying up shares in a tech company.”

United States’ press freedom ranking drops sharply, report says
“An increased focus on cracking down on whistleblowers has significantly dropped the United States’ press freedom ranking in the world, a new report says.”

Publisher blames Indian law for Hindu book removal
“Penguin India publishing house said Friday that ‘intolerant and restrictive’ Indian laws forced it to remove a book from sale after it tried to defend an American author’s religious history against objections from a conservative Hindu group.”

Why a Climate Scientist’s Libel Case Matters (Op-Ed)
“Back in 2012, after the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the National Review each published pieces that likened climate scientist Michael Mann to a child molester and called his work a fraud, Mann fought back with a lawsuit, charging them with libel. Now, in a preliminary ruling, a Superior Court Judge has sided with Mann, paving the way for the case to move forward and potentially setting an important precedent about the limits of disinformation.”

Former Execs Are Suing 30 Internet Trolls For Defamation
“Two former mobile marketing executives are taking some 30 anonymous Internet trolls to court for making ‘abusive, vulgar and damning’ comments about them online.”

Links to the stories above can be found here: