List of 50+ Scammers Targeting Authors; Editor Quits Deadspin; Orwell Knock-Offs at Amazon; Digital Textbook Data Collection; and Much More Juicy Stuff! – Whispers and Warnings for 08/22/19

List of 50+ Scammers Targeting Authors; Editor Quits Deadspin; Orwell Knock-Offs at Amazon; Digital Textbook Data Collection; and Much More Juicy Stuff! – Whispers and Warnings for 08/22/19

Super Sleuth Victoria Strauss is hard at work protecting all of us!
“A list of the scams themselves–at least, the more than 50 I’ve identified so far…”

Editorial Shakeup at Deadspin
Deadspin Editor Quits, Rails Against Bosses: ‘I’ve Been Repeatedly Lied To and Gaslit’
“’I tried over the course of a week to get somebody to say there will be no retribution from this, your team will continue to have the independence that it has done so well with,’ she said. ‘When I was unable to over a period of many days, I decided that that was putting the team at too big of a risk to not leave.'”

How much music in a YouTube video is “Copyright Infringement?”
YouTube Shuts Down Music Companies’ use of Manual Copyright Claims to Steal Creator Revenue
“One concerning trend we’ve seen is aggressive manual claiming of very short music clips used in monetized videos… For example, a creator who was vlogging may have walked past a store that was playing the copyrighted song, but then could lose the revenue from their video as a result.”

Amazon Fails to Catch Orwell “1984” Knock Offs
Paging Big Brother: In Amazon’s Bookstore, Orwell Gets a Rewrite
“One reader discovered, to his surprise, that his new copy of “1984” had passages that were ‘worded slightly different.’ Another offered photographic proof that her edition was near gibberish. A third said the word “faces” was replaced in his copy with ‘feces.’ Getting Orwell books that skip a chunk of pages seemed to be a routine experience.”

Enquirer titan dead at 63.
Foul play unlikely in death of National Enquirer’s Jerry George: cops
“… the coroner had not yet established a definitive cause of death, but George’s wallet and cellphone were still with him when he was discovered by police…”

“Honest – We Didn’t Think They’d REALLY put it on the Internet!!”
P*rn site’s operators made millions after using 22 women’s names, images without consent: lawsuit
“But the defendants’ lawyers say the women were aware what they were signing up for as they were given written release forms and recorded on camera agreeing that they were making the videos willingly in addition to being paid thousands of dollars.”

Regan Arts rises from dead with book from Mark Halperin – of “#MeToo” Fame.
With Controversial New Deal, Is Regan Arts Back in Business?
“The fact that most industry professionals assumed Regan Arts was out of business has raised some eyebrows about the nature of the Halperin deal.”

Are “digital textbooks” collecting data?
Senators Question Educational Publishers’ Data Collection Practices
“From academic performance data and web histories, to location data and other personally identifiable information such as date of birth, or address, it is imperative that we take steps to ensure student data is being secured and protected.”





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