Tricks of the Trade: Sell-out Signings! By Rickey E. Pittman

Having successful book signings in today’s market is a difficult task for the POD author, but not an impossible one. I’ve been writing hard since 1994, and I have a great deal of battle experience. Booklocker was my first publisher with my novel, Red River Fever. I’ve learned a great deal along the way that I want to share that will help you succeed as an author. A POD author who wants to make a living, like authors with traditional publishers, makes money from presentations, royalties, and the most profitable method–direct sales. In this article, I want to address the role of book signings.

While the idea of fame doesn’t excite me, I do want to make a living from writing. The royalties you get from book signings will help contribute to this. I agree with Samuel Johnson who said, “No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.” I decided sometime ago that writing would be more than an avocation for me