What’s a Google Knowledge Panel and Why Do You Need One? – by Skylar Margaret

What’s a Google Knowledge Panel and Why Do You Need One? – by Skylar Margaret

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A Google knowledge panel is one of the most important tools for freelance writers looking to get ahead in the game. Represented by a boxed information summary, you’ll find it on the right-hand side of Google search results.

Its main job is to display relevant information including your name, business as a freelance writer, online works, and clients you’ve worked for. This secret weapon is perfect for displaying your information at a glance. But, this is not the only significance of a knowledge panel for a freelance writer!

Why Do You Need a Knowledge Panel?
A knowledge panel is Google’s stamp of approval that shows you’re a reputable freelance writer. Usually, Google reserves these panels for prominent figures and personalities, but meeting its eligibility criteria could earn you a spotlight in the right places.

Whenever anyone types the search terms “writer”, “freelance writer”, “looking for a writer”, and similar terms, your knowledge panel will feature in the top search results. A simple search will give you the visibility you need, and put you before thousands of potential clients.

Remember, most clients prefer to work with established writers as well as those who can show subject authority and credibility. These are two attributes that go far in the online writing game.

A panel will also offer comprehensive information and key facts that matter to every freelance writer, including your name, contact, and links back to relevant platforms. Also, this panel will give you control over the professional information you display. It will not only set you apart, but also give you visibility and authority.

How To Gain a Knowledge Panel as a Freelance Writer
If you’re looking to stay on top of search results, and have a better shot of gaining reputable clients. Here’s how to do it:

Understand Google’s Eligibility Criteria
The first step to creating a successful knowledge panel is understanding what Google needs. But, the catch is that Google doesn’t have a set of requirements that you should meet for notability.

All you need is a verified Google account to then begin training the search engine to build confidence in you. The best way to do this is to work on projects that offer you bylines, and maintain the same writer name and bio on every channel, including your social media pages. The goal is to have Google find out as much consistent information about you from different avenues apart from your own website.

Have a Strong Online Presence
The other important part of the equation is a robust online presence. Ensure your website is up and running, has an active and consistent online presence, is frequently updated, and reflects a high level of professionalism.

As you’re working towards an essential goal (to gain a knowledge panel), don’t use your social media pages to go on rants. Instead, use them to highlight your work, and show off your writing talent. This automatically increases your chances of getting a knowledge panel.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!
Optimization goes for your website and all its content, which should align with your brand and personality. Using a structured data markup like Schema.org will provide Google with structured information about your writing career. Remember to include your name, achievements, occupation, and relevant images.

Have a Google My Business Listing
Freelance writers with knowledge panels know the importance of having a Google My Business Listing. It adds an important layer of professionalism to your online presence. Through this listing, you’ll add up-to-date information that Google will use when creating your knowledge panel. It also helps those who are looking for writers to identify you quickly.

Encourage Testimonials
Urge satisfied clients to leave positive reviews and testimonials about your services. Genuine mentions enhance your online credibility, and increase the likelihood of Google recognizing you. The more testimonials you get, the more credible you’ll be.

A Google knowledge panel plays a significant role in establishing your presence as an online writer. It’s the best way to go if you’re looking to be credible, knowledgeable and to enhance creativity. Embrace the power of knowledge panels and take your freelance writing career a notch higher!


Skylar Margaret is a freelance writer from Houston. Her articles have appeared in, among other publications, the New York Times, New York Times Magazine, the New Yorker, the BBC, Rest of World, Vulture, and the Paris Review.



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