Make LOTS of Money Writing About Prepping…Especially in a Pending Pandemic! – by Meg Stewart

Make LOTS of Money Writing About Prepping…Especially in a Pending Pandemic! – by Meg Stewart

Whether you’re ready to choose your first writing niche, are growing bored with your current niche, or just need more writing opportunities, the prepping industry is worth consideration…especially when the entire country has suddently discovered prepping because of the Coronavirus! Even mainstream publications, newspapers, and websites are running preparedness articles right now.

I’ve been paid to write in the prepping industry for nearly five years. I can verify it’s full of opportunities for writers of all genres. You can either write as the expert and teach others, or you can write from the perspective of someone learning a new skill, and sharing what you discovered. There are even opportunities for fiction writers, editors, copywriters, product review writers, and e-book writers in this niche.

Even if you don’t know anything about survival or prepping, keep reading. I’m going to show you just how diverse the prepping industry really is, and why you can write in this industry even if that’s not your area of expertise.

What Exactly is the Prepping Industry Anyway?

When you think of the prepping industry, you may think of the TV shows Doomsday Preppers or Naked and Afraid, right? But, the prepping industry is so much more diverse than the people and activities depicted in those two shows.

Prepping and survival have become mainstream in recent years, not only in the United States but internationally. Sub groups include people interested in homesteading and off-grid living and, in recent years, the diversity has expanded even more. Minimalists (Angela Hoy, the publisher of WritersWeekly is one!), organic gardeners, naturalists, environmentalists, hikers and backpackers, and tiny home enthusiasts have joined the prepping movement. Many modern nomads, or individuals and families living in an RV, also known as fulltimers, have become part of the prepping community.

This diversity means that no matter what genre of writer you are, there are opportunities for you to write for the prepping industry. Below are just some examples of how writers from any genre can write for the prepping industry.

Growing, Cooking, and Storing Food

If you are interested or knowledgeable about traditional gardening or alternative gardening techniques, you can write for the prepping industry. If you have knowledge or interest in wild edibles, medicinal plants, soil composition, pest control, or herbal gardening, you can get paid to write about what you know so others can learn.

If you’re a canning enthusiast, an amazing chef, or a master of the grill, you can teach others how to plan for a power outage, natural disaster, or other crisis. If you’re skilled in cooking with herbs, fermentation and other food preservation, or back to basics cooking the way the pioneers did it, homesteaders and preppers will be your biggest fans. Health and nutrition writers can find opportunities to write about how to cook, store, process, and ration food in a healthy way during a crisis or following a SHTF (Sh*t Hits the Fan) event.

Pets and Animals

Writers with an interest, knowledge, and skill with animals can also find opportunities to write about prepping. Preppers, homesteaders, survivalists, and off-grid enthusiasts need to know how to track, hunt, prepare, and cook small game and wildlife. Others want to learn how to feed, breed, and care for the animals they are raising. Even city or apartment preppers need to know how best to plan for their pets when they need to hunker down or bug out during a disaster.

Hobbies and Trade Skills

The prepping industry includes a lot of crossover for writers who are interested in or experienced with backpacking, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreational activities. These skills can be vital during a bug out or an extended crisis. Do you have years of experience sewing, crafting, or foraging for materials to reuse or up-cycle? Are you a teacher or a parent who homeschools? If so, you can share that knowledge with prepping audiences. If you have experience or expertise in construction, engineering, electrical, carpentry or woodworking, plumbing, or other home-building areas, writing opportunities in the prepping industry abound. This is especially true if you can provide step-by-step instructions for shelter building, home and equipment repairs, or DIY projects. If you understand and can explain alternative energy technologies such as wind turbines, solar power systems, and even hydroponic or aquaponic systems, you’ll find fans within the prepping community.

First Aid and Medical

Another very popular topic area is medical and hygiene. Most people in the prepping community are aware that, when SHTF, they will be on their own for medical emergencies and illnesses. If you are a doctor, nurse, paramedic or EMT who can write with authority about first aid, trauma procedures, alternative medicines, and other medical-related topics, you’ll fit in just fine. Are you a medical professional who is also a cold weather enthusiast or expert? Write for the prepping audience to teach danger signs, and how to best survive a crisis in cold weather.

Additional Areas of Interest

Writers with knowledge of plant identification, weather and climate, sustainability, political change, military procedures, and financial practices or economic change can translate that knowledge to writing for the prepping industry. Tech writers, fitness writers, communication enthusiasts, and safety and security experts, can also find writing opportunities in the prepping industry.


Fiction writers are not left out when it comes to the prepping industry. I was paid to write a prepper fiction novel for a client and it was posted chapter by chapter on his website. Prepper and post-apocalyptic fiction is an ever growing and popular category within the book industry.


Even freelance photographers can find opportunities. Most stock photo sites have limited images that can be used for the prepping industry. Website owners and content editors will welcome images specific to all of these topic areas.

Honestly, the list is unending which is why, no matter what type of writer you are, you need to consider writing for the prepping industry. So, do a personal inventory of your personal interests and skills. Then, start getting paid as a prepper/survival writer! Start today by coming up with a list of article ideas. With the Coronavirus being featured in every media outlet, it won’t take long for you to sell some of those ideas!


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