Outdoors, Fishing, And Boating Paying Markets For Writers

Outdoors, Fishing, And Boating Paying Markets For Writers

Ms. Hoy:

I’m an old retired newspaper guy who’s been getting your weekly announcements for some time, and has even submitted a few queries.

I love the outdoors and writing about the outdoors. I did so for several years for The Milwaukee Journal, now the Journal Sentinel.

How can I find paying markets for these types of topics on your website?


Hi Don,

Use the search box at the top of the markets page, which is here:

I just used it to look for “outdoors” and these paying market listings popped up:
Salt Lake (Pays $0.45/word. Payment for photos varies.)
Sierra (Pays $1.00-$1.50/word. Pays extra for photos.)
Rack (Pays $100-$325. No extra payment for photos.)
Trapper & Predator Caller (Pays $250. Pays $50-$200 for photos.)

You can use several different words to find appropriate markets. I’m not sure exactly what outdoors topics you write about but you can search for hunting, fishing, etc.

For fishing, I found:
Houseboat (Pays $200-$400. No extra payment for photos.)

For hunting, I found:
Lost Treasure Magazine (Pays $0.04/words. Pays $5-$100 for photos.)

Please know that we are still adding markets to the new database.

We send out thousands of questionnaires each year, and even offer a free subscription to The Write Markets Report to those who respond. Unfortunately, very few do because so many editors are already buried in their slush piles.


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