I Use Outsourcing to Beat the Feast and Famine Freelance Cycle! – by Jane Fazackarley

I Use Outsourcing to Beat the Feast and Famine Freelance Cycle! – by Jane Fazackarley

For a lot of freelancers, there are never enough hours in the day, especially when business starts to pick up. And, without constant marketing, it’s easy to fall into the feast and famine cycle. That’s the same situation that I found myself in. I didn’t have time to pitch during my busiest months and, without consistent marketing, work was sometimes in short supply. But, I found a way out of it: Outsourcing the tasks I didn’t have time do.

I found there were three keys aspects that were easy to outsource:

-Building potential client lists, and finding their contact details
-Paying someone to brainstorm ready-to-pitch ideas for guest blog posts

Building a Potential Client List
There’s plenty of freelancers who will do this for you, but one of the most affordable ways is Fiverr. There are several sellers on Fiverr who specialize in data processing. They have the tools at hand to quickly compile a list of potential clients, along with contact addresses for marketing managers, CEO’s, etc.

Brainstorming Ideas for Guest Posts
Outsourcing this part of my work is something I’ve only just experimented with. Guest posting is something I’ve tried sporadically, but I haven’t had chance to build momentum due to lack of time. I recently outsourced this task to a freelancer who specialized in writing guest blog posts, and so far I’ve been pleased with the results. They produced ideas and angles I would never have thought of on my own, and it freed up time that would have otherwise been spent reading and researching suitable blogs or thinking of titles and angles.



For me, it’s not the writing that takes up most of my time. It’s the editing. Outsourcing the editing part has multiple benefits. I find a pair of fresh eyes makes all the difference to my work, and gives me a new direction when I’m struggling for ideas. Most importantly, it frees up extra hours that I can use to pitch to new clients.

Tips for successful outsourcing:

-Test out smaller tasks first to make sure you’re comfortable with the freelancer you’re working with.

-Trial a couple of freelancers, and experiment until you find the best mix for your business.

-Play to your strengths. Concentrate on the elements you’re best at, and outsource other aspects. For instance, if you’re not a confident pitcher, and this is what holds you back, find someone that can pitch well.

-Set up a separate e mail account for a freelancer to use so they don’t have access to your regular emails.

Outsourcing has meant I can leave the most time-consuming elements of my writing business to others, and break free from the feast and famine cycle. For me, outsourcing has been a cost effective, efficient investment that has boosted my business, and kept a steady flow of work coming in.


Jane Fazackarley is a freelance writer with a special interest in ecommerce, payment processing and retail. Her debut novel, Then He Left Me, is available on Amazon.

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