“I want you to refer your authors to me for editing and illustrations. What are your criteria?”

“I want you to refer your authors to me for editing and illustrations. What are your criteria?”

Q – 

My friend shared a Facebook post that said WritersWeekly.com is willing to refer authors to freelance editors and illustrators. I’m an editor and I also have created unique maps for an author whose novel I worked on. That was a fun project. I would really like some more clients. What are your criteria and how can I sign up?

Mary B.

A –

You’re referring to WritersWeekly’s Author Service Center. We have vetted a variety of freelancers and small businesses that provide services to authors, such as editing, illustrating, ghostwriting, ebook formatting/conversion, cover design, interior print formatting, automated indexing, and much more. If you’d like to apply to be featured, please read THIS PAGE.

We launched this service to counter the greedy rights’-grab currently occurring in the industry. Almost every print on demand publisher and publishing service provider takes ALL RIGHTS to authors’ production files.

What does that mean?

An author purchases services from the publisher (editing, original illustrations, ebook formatting, etc.) and the publisher then claims all rights to those final files….despite the fact that the author paid the publisher for those services. That makes it almost impossible for an author to move to another printer or publisher some day and authors of publishers that go belly-up are left with no files and no book to sell.

Authors are getting wise, and refusing to pay publishers who then take ownership of what should rightfully belong to those authors.

Every freelancer and small business listed on the WritersWeekly Service Center has agreed, via a contract with WritersWeekly, to give ALL RIGHTS to the authors we send to them for their professional services.

NOTE: BookLocker.com does NOT take rights from authors, even when they have paid BookLocker for it services. All BookLocker authors own ALL rights to ALL of their files. Period.


WritersWeekly’s Author Service Center

Service Provider Application – We are seeking freelance editors, illustrators/artists, graphic designers, translators (all languages), ghostwriters, publicists, copywriters, typists/data entry professionals, and more.

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