My Writing Life Began at 60 By Suzanne G. Beyer

My first introduction to our area senior citizen publication was noticing the colorful photo on the front page. Examining the magazine further, I found helpful articles on travel, health, finances, local fairs and festivals, humor, recipes, and reminiscings. The magazine appealed to the 50- through 100-year-old set. I was fascinated.

At the time, as a native New Yorker, I was reeling from the devastation of the lives lost on September 11th at the World Trade Center (WTC) and decided to write a personal essay, mostly for therapeutic reasons. I was content with the piece and decided to take it a step further. But who would publish an article written by an amateur?! I queried the “over-50” publication, whereby the editor immediately responded, “You’re the only writer who has sent us anything on the September 11th tragedy.”

The next time I saw the front page, there was a picture of my daughter and me, standing atop the WTC in 1994, along with my 500-word article…Front Page News!

Thus began a career of being a “published” writer. I wrote on travel, health, nature, and my childhood. The editor, now my favorite editor, always responded immediately to my queries.

When I suggested a “How about Scenes From Childhood,”, where a reader could write about their childhood memories, she responded, “And who will coordinate this column?”

Today, I coordinate three columns and write on assignment for this beautiful, informative publication.

Life begins at 60 – and so does my writing career!

Suzanne Beyer is on the editorial staff of a Seattle senior citizen magazine, ghost writes for a local community college, and teaches her “Write On” class to elementary school children at the YMCA during the summer.