How I Get Paid to Watch, and Write About, Television Shows By Kimberly Stempel

How I Get Paid to Watch, and Write About, Television Shows By Kimberly Stempel

Let’s face facts. Freelance writing is not an easy business. You pursue this vocation because writing is your passion, but you also need to tend to more mundane matters, like eating and paying the bills.

I had written for many years off and on, writing and ghostwriting for several online sites. I craved a steady gig that would allow me to write more often, and actually attach my name to my work.

One day, I saw an ad for an online site that was looking for freelance writers to write about television. It was as if the stars aligned, and I could combine two of my favorite pursuits into one new venture.

The company requested online examples of recent work, along with a cover letter and resume.  I didn’t have any online clips that I could show. So what did I do? I pursued this opportunity anyway, even if that meant that I had to be a bit creative.

I prepared my resume and stated that I had “ghosted” online. Next, I started to brainstorm my cover letter. I knew that it had to be unique and really showcase my writing skills.  No pressure at all, right?

I studied this company’s online site to check out the tone of its content.  I wanted to make sure that my cover letter would fit in with their style. I decided to craft a letter with a heavy dose of humor. I referenced popular people on reality shows, and tossed in a few comments about scripted shows, too. I demonstrated that I knew a lot about television and pop culture, and that I could create fun and vibrant content.

I have been writing recaps, op-eds, and even creating slide show content for BuddyTV  (Editor Note: Buddy TV is no longer in business.) since May of 2013. I actually get paid to write about my favorite television shows! Not only is this job a welcome boost to my income, but I actually have an excuse to watch television.


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Kimberly Stempel has been a freelance writer for over 20 years. She writes non-fiction articles on various topics ranging from education to wedding planning, and she also enjoys writing fiction. You can reach her via her website: