From Animal Lover to Freelancing for a Pet Insurance Company! by Therese Pope

From Animal Lover to Freelancing for a Pet Insurance Company! by Therese Pope

As a freelance writer, the best advice I received over the years is to write about what I know. As a long-time pet owner and animal lover, it did not occur to me that I could actually get paid to write about my furry friends. When a friend passed along a hot writing lead for a national pet health insurance company, I immediately applied for their freelance writer position. While I did not have pet writing experience, I cared for many pets over the years, especially rescue and senior cats. My love of animals shone through when I interviewed for the position (along with my professional writing skills), and was hired by the company.

Two years later, I continue to write for the company as their freelance pet writer. Not only am I paid well to write about a topic that is close to my heart, I love the company’s philanthropic mission as they truly care about animals. Writing for the pet health insurance industry includes extensive research but I also write about fun topics, such as how to choose the best dog breed for families.

Channeling your writing focus also makes you more marketable as a freelance writer, especially if you are an expert on a specific topic. If you aren’t sure how to get started as a niche writer, follow these tips below:

Write about what you already know –
Use your knowledge and expertise to write about familiar topics. Research companies, blogs, websites, and digital publications that hire freelance writers in your field of expertise.

Turn your favorite extracurricular activities into paid writing opportunities –
Reach out to publications or companies that benefit from your hands-on experience with hobbies, sports and fitness, or other activities.

Show companies that your expertise helps improve their bottom-line –
When sending out query letters, don’t just blast off your resume and writing samples. Pitch yourself as an expert in their industry or niche. Give specific examples of how your knowledge makes you a strong asset to their clients and/or audiences.

Lastly, be confident, and don’t sell your talents short. Just like my love of animals, your passions and talents can lead to unexpected and successful writing opportunities.

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Therese Pope is a freelance writer based in Northern California. She is a die-hard animal lover and co-parents a sweet Siamese rescue cat, Sammy, and is passionate about the health and well-being of animals. Not only does she write about cuddly pets, but she has extensive knowledge about the California wine industry and writes craft wine and beer articles. Follow Therese on her blog or Twitter – @TheresePope.