Writing about Life Experiences Launched My Paying Freelance Career By Roy A. Barnes

Writing about Life Experiences Launched My Paying Freelance Career By Roy A. Barnes

During the Summer of 2004, I began to devote more time to my writing. Each day, I worked on articles and essays about the places I’ve traveled to as well as other personal experiences. I also made a daily commitment to study markets, and read writing skill-themed articles so as to improve my authoring abilities.

I submitted an article concerning my volunteer work in Spain to Transitions Abroad in August 2004. I had participated three times in a conversational English project that brings primarily Spanish businesspeople and English-speakers from all over the world to remote locations in Spain. I studied the guidelines at Transitions Abroad’s website, and noticed a call for web-only submissions. Acceptances online were to pay about double what the print magazine offered, so I emailed my article to the web editor. Within a week, I received an acceptance. Adding to my joy was the news that the print editor wanted to publish my piece, too (both of which happened in March 2005).

With those first travel article acceptances, my confidence to share tips about my travels and travel writing skills would lead to more crafted, submitted, and ultimately published articles for pay at many print and online writing- and travel-themed publications. It’s a good feeling to get money for writing about a subject I know a lot about.

Some people think that only articles published in print magazines legitimize a writer. Well, I don’t care if my work is published for pay in a magazine, online, or on a stone tablet. Getting paid for my work means that I have taken my writing to a new level: My work has stood out amongst the tons of submissions that swarm editors’ desks!

Roy A. Barnes writes from southeastern Wyoming. To date, his travel-themed works for pay have been published in print and online mediums like Transitions Abroad, Northwest Prime Time, C/Oasis, The Traveler, The Valley Advocate, and Live Life Travel. His writing-themed works have been published in online and print publications like The Fabulist Flash, The Willamette Writer, FellowScript, The Inkspotter News, Writer2Writer, and Writing for DOLLARS.



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