An Unexpected Bonus By Joei Carlton Hossack

As a gray-haired, solo, full-time RVer, and a woman to boot, I am used to getting a lot of media attention as I roam around Canada and the United States lecturing and signing my five adventure-travel books.

I had hoped that the write-up in the Spokesman Review, covering western Washington and northern Idaho, would entice potential customers to visit the various Hastings Bookstores while I was there.

It started strong. The first customer, Diane, after reading the story and being an RVer-wanna-be was waiting for me when I arrived. Within minutes of our brief conversation she purchased all five of the books and over the next six long and tedious hours I sold only four more books.

The last signing, the sixth one in the area, was in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and it went very well. I took a new friend to the Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate the book sales and the end of a long and hectic week. The Olive Garden was walking distance to Borders Bookstore, a chain I had never done business with, but not from the lack of trying. We walked over to check it out. I had the article from the Spokesman Review in my purse.

It was a half-hour before closing time. There were few customers in the store and the book manager was at the cash register.

“Do you have any of her books?” I asked, pointing to my name in the newspaper.

She checked the computer. “No,” she said “but we can order them for you.”

I handed her my business card. “Too bad,” I said. “If you had some on the shelf I would have autographed them for you.” She asked me to follow her to the Information Desk where she promptly ordered two of each of my books. “Are you a local author?” she asked.

“No,” I replied. “I’m in town doing a signing at Hastings Bookstore.”

“We would love to have you do a signing here,” she replied. I opened my handbag, took out my day-planner and immediately set up a signing.

Setting up the additional booksigning because of the article was definitely an unexpected and very pleasant bonus.

Joei Carlton Hossack is the author of (1) Everyone’s Dream Everyone’s Nightmare,, (2) Kiss This Florida, I’m Outta Here, (3) A Million Miles from Home, (4) Alaska Bound and Gagged, and (5) Free Spirit – Born to Wander. She is an entertaining and inspirational speaker specializing in world travel. She also conducts writing, publishing and promotion workshops. Her books can be ordered at or by calling 1-800-472-0438. Joei can be reached at: JoeiCarlton (at) Check out her website at