Three Turkeys to Thaw and a Road Trip!

Three Turkeys to Thaw and a Road Trip!

Weeks ago, I heard there might be a turkey shortage for Thanksgiving. So, when I was shopping, I picked up three of them (only about 15 lbs. each) for our daughter and son-in-law. They host Thanksgiving at their house each year and it is QUITE a crowd that gathers!! We are heading down there on Monday night with the three frozen birds. That’ll give them time to thaw and we can help prepare for the big day…and spend three days playing with our grandbabies. I admit that is our ultimate goal. I mean, who wants to cook and do dishes when you can play with Hot Wheels and Barbie Dolls???

Almost all of our Fall foliage is gone and the look of Winter has settled on the mountain. At dusk, there are no leaves swaying or singing with the wind. However, we can hear branches crackling against each other. There are only three colors – gray (the shadows), shades of brown (the woods), and green (the evergreens). Brian was hunting two weeks ago and the freezer is now full of venison. We have more than enough to get us through the winter – and then some. We are feeling very blessed right now.

And, the wood burning stove we wanted last year finally arrived, and has been installed. So, if we lose power during a storm, we can stay warm. I’ve always wanted a wood burning stove. I’m starting to feel like we’re in an old episode of Little House on the Prairie.

We will be online throughout the holidays next week and next weekend. Why?

BECAUSE BOOKLOCKER’S EXTREMELY POPULAR HALF-PRICE Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale will be happening! That means an entire book publishing package will only be half price: $487.50! We always get a TON of new sign-ups when we hold this sale once a year and we’re super excited about (virtually) meeting so many new authors next weekend!

You can read the details about the annual sale RIGHT HERE.


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  2. Pamela Allegretto  November 18, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for being THE best publishers.
    Cheers and best wishes.