The Flu Bug Has Arrived!

Last Thursday, Mason woke up with a sore throat, a fever, and a sick tummy. A day later, Max got it, and then Frank and Chelce, and then Richard. The entire house is sniffling, and sneezing, and coughing EXCEPT ME! I must be immune to this one because I have been playing nursemaid to everyone and I haven’t had even so much as one sniffle. Of course, that means I get to do all the fun stuff, like cleaning up everyone’s germ-infected dishes. I don’t mind. I’m just glad I’m not sick, too!!

Whenever somebody starts to get sick, I take double doses of vitamins C and D each day. Looks like it worked this time.


When I griped at Mason for once again shoving a used tissue into the perfectly good and almost-full tissue box, he said, “But you always said recycling is GOOD!”

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