The Electrician’s A Capella

We had a snow day last Friday so the children got an unexpected three-day weekend. We have tons of snow now and it’s been incredibly, uncomfortably cold with highs in the single digits and wind chills in the deep negatives. One of my eyeballs started to freeze when I was walking through a brisk wind at Frank’s school the other day. We’re dreaming of those mild days we had back in December and looking forward to Spring already. It’s so cold that Mason’s cheeks get red when we leave the housee and stay red for several hours afterward…and that’s just dashing to the heated truck with him from the back door and Richard dropping me off at the front door of the grocery store. So, we’re not leaving the house with him unless we absolutely have to.

We found out a couple of years ago that we don’t have any insulation downstairs in our house. That was a shocker…but not really if you think about how cold it gets downstairs sometimes in late January/early February. What’s more, if the light is on in the basement, you can sometimes see it through the wood floor in the living room.

The other day, our electrician was here doing some work in the basement. He was singing while he was working, a very lovely, deep, slow melody. Ali and I were in the living room and were treated to his a capella performance. I wanted to tell him how beautiful it was, but I didn’t want to embarrass him.

This week’s Maxism:

Max is five years old, but his clothing size is hovering between a six and an eight. When we buy him a size six, it no longer fits after we wash it. When we buy him a size eight, it’s too big. Last weekend, we bought him some new jammies (he wears jammies ALL the time at home) and they’re a size eight. He was proudly walking around, showing off his new jammies, but his pants kept falling down in the back. I was joking about there being a full moon while Ali was trying to teach him how to roll his waistband down to make them a bit more snug.

Max’s eyes got wide and he smiled and said, “If I eat a lot of vegetables, my butt will get bigger!”

Hugs to all!

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