Spring Cleaning and Spring Building

It’s finally warming up a bit in Maine. The thermometer actually got above freezing last week and it was over 50 today! Some of the snow is melting, but there’s a ton of it so it’ll take awhile.

In two weeks (Spring Break), we’re going to start cleaning out the attic. We’re planning to build out the attic this spring all by ourselves (with help from the kids, of course). The only contractor we’ve hired is an electrician. The attic extends the entire length of the house so it’s pretty big. Part of the attic will be Matt’s new bedroom. That’s the part we’ll do first. The other part will be split in half – part family room, part storage.

From insulation to sheetrock to paint, we have a lot to learn, but we’re excited about it. And, if you could see our attic right now, you’d know we’re gonna have one humdinger of a garage sale!

This week’s Maxism:

I’m using a new rinse on my hair that smells like watermelon. The other night, I was lying in bed watching TV when Max came in and laid down behind me. He put his head on my pillow and I tried not to laugh when I heard him repeatedly sniffing my hair.

I moment later, I felt him rubbing his hand on my head. He rubbed a bit, stopped, sniffed, and rubbed some more, only harder this time. Puzzled, I asked, “What are you doing?”

He replied, “My hand stinks.”

Hugs to all!


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