Polar Vortex? Where??

I admit it is “chilly” here (by Florida standards) but it’s nothing like our old friends in Maine are experiencing. Last week, they received 21 inches of snow. It’s absolute HEAVEN here right now! Each evening after dinner, Richard and I sit out back, and enjoy the cool breeze (in the 50’s to 60’s at night) and, after a hellishly hot summer, we now remember why we moved here!

We recently had a sliding glass door installed in our master bedroom. I never understood why the old bedroom window was built so small and high. You couldn’t even see the beautiful water and pool out back unless you were standing up. The triple slider has completely transformed our room! I can now sit in bed on my laptop, and see the fish jumping and the sea birds flying. Today a very large white bird stopped by several times to take a drink from our pool. He must have been over two feet tall. This afternoon, the boys were playing out back and I was able to not only watch them while I was answering some emails, but I was able to hear their beautiful laughter as well since all the other windows in the house are open.

The bad news is the sliders didn’t come with screens so we had to special-order those. We can’t leave the doors open because the cats would get out (they’re all indoor cats). So, while we have a great view, we can’t get the sea breeze blowing steadily in the bedroom yet. Regardless of that, I LOVE it!!! I wish we’d had this done two years ago, right when we moved here.

Our friends, the librarians from Wisconsin, left on Friday so the house will be relatively quiet until Thanksgiving. I think we’ll only have about 9 here this year. Christmas is going to be a madhouse! We’re expecting a minimum of 17 people for the holidays. Thank goodness Ali and Zach both have guest bedrooms in their homes!

I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping! Yes, I am!! Since Christmas will be so busy this year, I decided to get all my shopping finished before December 1st. That way, I won’t be freaking out in December, trying to make everything come together. I am very much like Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (which is my FAVORITE movie of all time). I enjoy trying to create the perfect, cozy Christmas each year for everyone. 🙂


“Mom, I heard a new word and I don’t know what it means.”

“What is it?”


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